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  1. Yes, I was kicked from this clan. Onsey giving the clan 3 weeks is really interesting because it was your clan who made the clan kick me in order for them to join the CR family. So, yes there was some unloyalty but, a true revolutionary does not follow like a sheep.

    Remember remember the 5th of November.
  2. Hmmm I have serious doubts now
  3. Uhh you realize veritas is not even in apoc right

  4. Correct there not, but I have screen shots of the demands. 
  5. such a weird try hard noob. U aint no portant berson irl ur a noob. Iz a tap game omfg remumber the fefth of novemburrr omfg get a lief noob.
  6. Get out dude. You're even more irrelevant than I am, at least I'm a known troll and i'm generally disliked. No one knows you and no one cares for you. Just leave.
  7. Support to my friends, Baked and Jack.
  8. Support still. Really do miss this family. Great bunch of people with dedicated leaders
  9. not really
  10. You’re got a weird obsession
  11. This makes lots of sense
  12. You mom charged me 1 sense/hr last night
  13. I thought Minutemen meant something else.
  14. I mean my mother is from the UK so that's not very likely
  15. What a complete meme Rev was, cheers baked!