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  1. Indeed I am da captain of the clan, but da captain only cares for one thing, which is bantz.
    Lucky for you, the clan is bantz.

    No bantz = no captain
  2. then your parent's have completely failed I am sorry!
  3. Lmfao spider got noobey Jackson lmfao

  4. I'm da captain now
  5. Revo kicked op cause he wouldn't follow them like a sheep, lots of loyalty this clan has for their members.
  6. You play war games cause the clan can't handle a real war without the members running?
  7. If you can't stay on topic I'll have you removed from the thread.
  8. Technically I am on topic, everything I've posted has been related to your clan and the post you quoted was a question about an event you are hosting. Also, you are not op. It's not your thread.
  9. Your opinion on Rev means nothing, you just think you can trick us into making the same mistakes you made with your failed clans.
  10. My failed clans? The only reason any clans I ever had failed was due to members who couldn't pull their weight, couldn't grow and couldn't do what was necessary to win. Those are now the exact same people who lead Revolution.

    My mistakes? Your clan is following in my footsteps, always living by my ideology and playing the game by my play style. Everything from the clan name, to the attempted blackmail of me, to the planning of wars against a certain alliance, to playing both the cr and the zaft relationships you have to full advantage to get what you want, all while never being a reliable friend. All the way I would of done it.

    Your clan was birthed from my kaw persona.
  11. I love it, girlfriends fighting. Zaft calling another clan bad. That's cute
  12. I retract my previous comment . Demon was the cement to revolutionarys wall.Without him to hold it together it will rapidly fall. You should never kick someone who was the engine and drive of the clan.Without Demon its took a nosedive. its sad to see you back stab your friends Demon is a good man .
  13. At least we don't have members who fake real life tragedies to get out of a war, so guess zaft is doing a little better than Veri.
  14. I stand by statement of giving this clan 3 weeks, looks like I should be just about right
  15. Nope, your prediction for how long they would survive is a week longer than how long they will actually survive.
  16. Also when am I going to get some return inc?
  17. Around the same time you do more than unload an attack bar once a week and then hide in pin after it.