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  1. Lollll

  2. demon mad cuz rejected from 42
  3. Nobody wanna evenbe 42 nubs *facepalm*
  4. I'm sure 21 just randomly came to u after u got rejected lel
  5. You are forgetting about the wdgaf runners, but you wouldn't want to admit to those. You are spitting out propaganda as usual.
  6. Noob but really nice thread
  7. I'm 12, your point? This game is 9+ bruh lmfao.

  8. Nobody takes you serious. Leave plz
  9. Get em bro
  10. i leave only cuz u is bae
  11. Watch out Demon 12 will get you 20...
  12. Same amount of time one receives for being with Infin, demon might be able to keep you company.
  13. Support all the way

  14. Lol xD 
  15. Tis a cool clan, but I'm here for the bantz mostly lel
  16. Are you even da captain?