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  1. "A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets"



    We are a group of KaW players who genuinely enjoy the gameplay and fighting of KaW as well as great friendships that are formed with other like minded players.

    We are currently recruiting and welcome players with 20M CS who enjoy good company, growth and EE and OSW mechanics as well.

    What you will be part of is a close knit family and friends who share the knowledge and fun of fighting mechanics and tactics of KaW and help each other grow in stats as well as experience.


    Jack, Baked, Grave, One, iJustRide

    We're pretty chill.. The feisty one is our head admin, Demon-On-The-Battlefield.

    Contact any of us or swing by to see how the family is.

    "It took 21 bodies, to start a revolution"

    Come and join us!

    Special thanks to ashes for helping me
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  8. Beautiful thread, thank you Demon and AshesOfEden for your hard work.

    We might be pretty chill but we're also a family of ruthless Warriors, if you're not a Warrior already we can make you into one.
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  13. Great clan with awesome peeps..

    A few notes on the painting pictures that I really enjoyed..

    - First pic: Napoleon's quote is represented here with the infantry brandishing the bayonets. During the Napoleonic wars, bayonets were used quite effectively in melee combat almost like a lance or a rapier, with thrusting motions even against Calvary charges.

    My other favourite quote from the Napoleonic wars involving the bayonet.. This one by Alexander Suvorov

    "The bullet is a mad thing; only the bayonet knows what it is all about"

    - Second Pic: I really like the storm clouds threatening in the dominant background in contrast to the glimpse of the sun shining on the artillery battery. It captures the quote of "If you want peace, prepare for war"

    - Third Pic: In 1835, the first skirmish of the Texan Revolution war started when the Mexican army sent the dragoons to re-take a cannon they have loaned to the Texian settlers a few years earlier. The "Come and Take It" stance captures the revolutionary mood

    - Fourth Pic: This is a section of the painting "The Bridge" by John Falter who depicted one of the first engagements between the British army and the American Revolutionary Minutemen.

    The Minutemen heavily relied on guerrilla engagements and sniping when the British army is still in its aftermath of Napoleonic war big battle tactics.

    What I like about this section is how the presumed mother loads the muskets which were lifted by the father to the sons perched on the tree to snipe at the enemy.

    *Minutemen is a term used to designate specifically picked militia who are ready to engage in skirmishes within "a minutes warning"

    - Fifth Pic: This depicts a heavy Calvary clash during the Napoleonic wars. What I really like about this painting that it is painted from a dynamic perspective of a Calvaryman rushing into the melee.

    You will also notice the "thrusting" body mechanics and stances as opposed to swinging of the swords as this was a more effective tactics for this engagement.

    - Sixth Pic: This is a section from a Russian painting. The rest of the painting is propaganda-ish in nature but this section has a gem in a sense that it captures an effective technique used by the gun crews around the Napoleonic wars where there is a designated "Sponge" crew, the one with a cleaning rod to clean the barrel of the debris and sparks and the "Rammer" crew, the one with the rammer stick to load the gunpowder and the shot.

    I hope the war and revolution and history buffs enjoyed my notes! ️
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