Revitalize kaw while bringing devs revenue

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  1. This was a spontaneous idea that I feel is worth being looked at its inspired by the furniture addition but is strictly war based

    In regards of the wolfs the horses and the hawk ...why should we restrict ourselves and use the prized animals as mcs when we can actually incorporate them into wars

    What I have in mind is a kaw twist to a common RPG theme of equiping and evolving the character only I'm suggesting we do it by arming our loyal mounts but there's more
    Beyond powering up the animals I say we should give them powers my 1st thought was the introduction of Narnia ( yes based off the show) a deep blue scaled majestic dragon that imparts on its choosen champion a gift

    Introducing a new era of kaw , magical spells a series of powers that grant buffs and debuffs like

    Narnias Eternal flame
    A devastating spell that reduces the amount of gold won from enemy attacks as well as reducing your gold lost by powering Narnia up you have the chance of stealing wealth from your enemy such as "Alert your enemy (?) Raided your treasury and aquired gold , you don't steal sbs rather you gain a gold award based on your enemies stockpiles the horses can acquire a new battle action charge which reduces your regen time for a time this firm of advanced combat can't be free right , and devs want money last I checked so I can satisfy both conditions and give us a revitalization of war there should be frequent ,optional pvp engagements , like pvp weekends only throughout the week and shorter instead of crowns we earn sage tokens which cast spells the stronger you make your loyal allies the stronger the spell you might have a link bonus where your affects get stronger by having multiple spells active or by having clan mates cast with you another idea is based off a post I once read forgot who made it involving clan banks where people donate to clans as well as clans being able to earn them through wars as well as ebs ( to satisfy everyone) but you should only be able to use these banks if you stay in the clan for x time which promotes loyalty on a side note only the link function was inspired by clan banks this is an original idea
  2. I believe that all games of this nature should have dragons HOWEVER Narnia should be a goddess like figurehead that imparts lost magical abilities on its champions (everyone) maybe embrace the lore by adding some form of a tale , like you do in events , something as simple a premise the heroes of this realm despite our rivalries pay homage to the divine goddess in our contests of strength and sacrifice we give a portion of our souls strength to aid her in her fight against an ancient evil the likes of which we dread facing ( maybe an idea for a new eb??)
  3. It might be to much of an RPG theme and move away from this type of game but perhaps we should consider combining and evolving creatures ( like leveling up animals and using that to gain power it would include an element of luck as well as introduce a new box ( nobility and gold ) my recommendation would be to disallow the chance of creatures growing weaker as that would make ppl stop doing it
  4. Maybe charms can be used to purchase animal items as well as furniture? the animals armor as a set can be required to level up to x before leveling up because of this the starting effects of the skills would have to start at dismal effectiveness %s this is a simple but effective way to incorporate charms into the plight of Narnia as she protects us from her realm of the spirit world
  5. Saying no is pointless and counter productive unless your a troll please state why unless you didn't even read ie troll
  6. This is a interesting twist on the game, but not too much as to be something the Devs could not incorporate it. It would help replace mith which is pretty much useless now. It would bring more pvp events during the week. Idk if the Devs will do it, but I Support.
  7. Yeah, let's build upon something that only adds to stat bloat as well as increase the divide between pay and non-pay players even further.

    Oh and while we're at it, let's chuck in another spell or two because spells are pretty balanced as is.
  8. Name one multi dimensional pvp game , or not , that doesn't increase the gap with new in app purchases the point is to rebalance the pve/p ratio and promote clan loyalty
  9. Tl;dr
    Everyone else is doing it, so it's okay. Who gives a crap about KaW and trying to fix their bloat stat-wise, gold-wise etc.

    I'm only here to add to the issues, not make up possible solutions.

    I dont know but that's essentially what I'm reading

    Edit:And pve/p ratio and clan loyalty.

    You don't really touch on them.

    The point isn't to work on pve/p ratio and clan loyalty.

    It's revamp the fundamentals of this game.

    There's a dead, non-updated pvp system that used to be the backbone of this game. The warring system is no longer used, the game is Kingdoms at WAR after all but there is no warring, aside from osw.

    That should say something, that people aren't happy with system wars so much that they don't even bother to use it.

    What about the stat and gold inflation?

    I feel these areas need to be addressed if anything.
  10. You're restating a problem that has no solution by your sentiment what we need to fix the gap between p2w and ftw by removing all in app purchases I'm adding a new spin that adds a brand new dimension to pvp and I introduced a new line of ebs and a potential new eb line giving us more than 4 battle actions encourages ppl to try it so I did touch on pvp/e and I gave an option to increase loyalty through spell links while encouraging the clan bank system don't slam me for enhancing an issue unless you have a way to promote fighting , in a refreshing new way , that doesn't increase the gap & yea we do need to fix the inflation issue
  11. Ok I may of gone off base my rejection to your rebuttal is that I'm attempting to update pvp and your rejection belittled my opinion at least I came up with something the gap sucks but shooting down ideas just because they worsen one problem doesn't invalidate it you should always work to improve your position BTW I'll rephrase my challenge name something that energizes pvp without doing more of the same , that doesn't impact ptw
  13. Devs won’t do anything at all till game dies
  14. Just thought something like this would bring kaw to the next level
  15. Huh? How am I restarting anything? There are solutions, just KaW doesn't want to implement things. There's been suggestions in the past that may potentially solve these inflation issues.

    P2w and ftw? Pay to win and free to win? What are you talking about? There is no winning with KaW. It's an endless stat game, no one ever TRULY wins

    You really aren't

    I dont know how in-depth your eb idea was but nothing can trump Sean's eb idea from a while ago.

    Encouraging the Clan bank system?


    Revamp pvp and warring, that's how you refresh KaW not implementing more on top of an outdated system that is in dire need for a 'refresh'.

    Be specific, what gap?

    Edit:btw I'm disregarding the following comment as it's just you solidifying your ego
  16. Maybe adding ads devs? We love ads lol
  17. :lol: