revenge is a dish best served in bronze

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  1. Hello forums. Every kingdom has their stories in kaw.
    I have mine, you have yours, we have ours.

    Today I am going to tell you one of my favourite stories from my kingdom.

    This is for interests sake only. This is just some tripe to read in between regens. I hope you like it.

    This is a story of butthurt, anger, trash talk, and ultimately......revenge. All the ingredients for a typical kaw drama.

    A long time ago. Almost 90 days ago, I was just a 5 mil combined stat kingdom trying to grow.


    Another kingdom. Almost 15 combined stats, began filling my news.


    -Nero- had full equipment and I had barely any.

    I had never met this kingdom before or knew what it wanted, until it posted its own wall, explaining that i was not allowed to use forums anymore, or it would keep ruining me...


    And so it did. Day in. Day out for months.
    This kingdom kept farming me, because it felt I was not welcome to use the public kaw forums.

    This kingdom seemed to reason, it was because of my trash talking...all the while. It trash talked about me...



    I tried to defend myself...

    Even using full pots, xtals and mith, I could not get even one successful action...



    "All aboard the fail train" he was right. I was incapable of defending myself from such a large opponent...

    He also made it clear my future in regards to my enjoyment of kaw...


    "Years from now, I'll still be on you"

    That's not good. That hardly seems fair. That is the closest player I have met that is a real genuine kaw bully. A genuine kaw coward.

    Anyone can ruin a player that is 5x smaller and has no equipment, while they languish with huge stats and all the equipment bonus...

    I resigned myself....

    I joined a haunting escape clan.

    I payed the price of seals.

    I burned all my x-tals.

    I banked in bronze..

    Here we are today...

    I am a 10 mil combined stat pure spy.

    I have all the equipment.

    I have the motivation and the butthurt.

    I am exacting my revenge....

    Day in. Day out. Regen after regen I assassinate this monsters troops.

    No relenting. No days off. No cease fire.

    -Nero- like all pigs who want to see it end,
    But can't bring themselves to concede, has conveniently deleted all the horrid things he has posted about me.

    Hoping I will move one...I'm not moving on

    In his own words..."years from now, I'll still be on you"

    Welcome -nero- to revenge
    Welcome -nero- to end of your enjoyment of kaw. Now I am the farmer. Now I am the bully.

    It is only fitting, that since you decided I was not allowed to use forums anymore, that you get your own dedicated thread on forum.

    Stupid noob. I am, who I am. And you picked the wrong player to bully noob.

    90 days and counting. I'll patiently wait and farm you until you go inactive. No doubt about it.

    Revenge. Is. The. Sweetest. Dish. Kaw. Offers

    Thank you for reading if you bothered.

    Have fun ninny's
  2. Sorry for the double posted screens shots.
  3. Support  seems like you had to work hard for your revenge so enjoy 
  4. It takes a hell of a lot of banking to get from that size to the size you are now, especially when being hit.

    Now I want to see zero beg for a cf. :p
  5. So if I felt like hitting him and indeed did so after seeing those screenshots.... Would I be justified?
  6. This is how you really play KaW.
    You don't give up, you don't give in to a bully, you fight fire with fire.

    I remember when I first talked to Alison, she has not changed her style or manner of play since day one, for the better.

    As for -Nero-, what an example of a hypocritical chump. He says Norma talks smack and verbally abuses people, look at those wall posts, and how personal his comments are. What a pig.

    Call me a kiss ass, guess what. Go **** the closest lamp.

    Go Ali, I have and always will support you.
  7. You need a reason to hit someone Ty? Define justice these days? It appears he was bullying a smaller account, for running her mouth on forums. The amount of trash talking he did seems ironic and hypocritical really. Have at him in my opinion.
  8.  Great stuff
  9. Totally agree with anarchy Good luck
  10. Was a good reading. Have fun you two.
  11. Lol no reason needed. I just don't need Alison to look bad when people assume I've been asked for help or cried to. Her choice
  12. RESPECT
  13. So much respect Ali I remember your 5k acc, that was when we were good friends, need to chat more eh?
  14. alls fair in love and warenjoy
  15. Go Alison
  16. Haha nice one Norma support 

    ╔╗ ╓╖ ╓╖ ╓╖ ╓╖ ╓╥╖
    ╚╗ ║╓ ╟╢ ║╜ ╟╢ ║║║
    ╚╝ ╙╜ ║╙ ╙╜ ╨╙ ║╨╙
  17. Awww yeah

    Nothing like noob tears in the morning.