Revamp the Legends system.

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  1. The developers of KaW have a pretty loyal fanbase. Like seriously, I see people dedicated this game spending thousands. However, the Legends system ruins those people who have been grinding for years. I grew to 50 mcs in about 2 weeks just beginning to play this game. I remember the times where I had to grind my way just to gain equipment that was barely 1 mcs and when I could barely afford highlands. In fact, if I remember correctly, getting to 28 ish guilds and some circle of elements max level took me months. I surpassed my old account in 2 days. The legends system makes the game too easy to progress. I’d say to either make battling more viable and add higher max plunder and higher eb bonuses to even out with legends, or nerf the amount of items you get from legend quests. Also, add more quests! Quests are one of the only ways to get free crystals, have litterally never updated. Also, they barely give gold so theres almost no incentive to do them other than the less than 1% chance of a single nob. I love the legends system, but its too broken right now. Fix it please! I know many people will disagree with me, but its true; keeping all of the rewards of the legend quests breaks the game. If you do agree with me, let me know what else you think.
  2. Back when it took months to llbc, max build size was ~50 mcs. Now its 5b. I think the legend system is fair.
  3. You're still small with upgrades still being cheap as hell, wait until you grow more and see if the legends still make it as easy instead of just a small boost to an upgrade

  4. True..
  5. I see how you think that it might be imbalanced, but that is not the case. If you were to hit legends/events for the next two years and assuming there were no new lands/EBs or plunder changes, you would still not be BC.
    It takes about 20Q to BC and if anything, legends/events help F2P players grow. I'm not talking explosive growth either. I have a F2P alt that's been grinding for years and is barely 1.5B cs.

    For a game with a text based GUI and low graphics, there's not many variations of the Legend's system that can be implemented. Sure they can change the core collection mechs but at the end of the day, the variations are limited due to the decade old Facebook browser text inspired GUI. If you noticed, they do try and change the story-line/characters appearing in the legends tab. Last few events have seen forest themes, 1600s exploratory themes, pirates and more.
    The text based GUI is the bottleneck here.