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  1. Me as being a returning player in Kaw i see this Game has a lot to change. And i didnt know how to begin with my Kingdom build, i see lot of players has a massive charms and i cant hit em. Maybe The Devs will give some bonus to the player who stop playing kaw for a year and playing kaw back again active! And i seee this Game will be in demand in the other year. To my fellow returning player this is not THE END!!
  2. 
  3. The developers have already said plenty of times that if you message them on their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram and Twitter you will receive a full complement of charms and furnishings to help returning players catch up
  4. Yeah this is true happened to me
  5. Wait is this a real thing?
  6. Reward ppl for being inactive pffft
  7. No lmao
  8. How Bout the 120days active achievement should give a reward? I will loved it till make it 365 will do
  9. #timetolockthisthread
  10. support

  11. Ding Ding Ding
  12. LOL
  13. Returning players should have welcome back gifts. Full equipments, xtals and seals. Defend how long they been gone and get proper welcome back gifts. This will help coming players stay more longer and they should be able adapt quicker to new changes.
  14. He used to play. Stopped playing, and now he's back. Still the same tutorial, he still don't know how to play.

    Time to add furniture and charms to the tutorial devs.
  15. Quiters should never be rewarded!
  16. If they did this then what would prevent players from abandoning their alts then just coming back on in a few months to collect the welcome back rewards and send them to their main?