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  1. 20th July 2019: ATA manages to mess up yet another war series, this is after they messed up one last week too. :lol:

  2. Ah, thanks!
  3. Bump for wc. Also just noticed all my links are broke/disappeared.......RIP. I'll fix them up this week
  4. Okay! Updated with a few things and reformatted thread for new forums. RIP 10k character limit, good thing I reserved extra posts.
  5. hey im back how do i do ebs
  6. 1. Tap "Battle" on your homepage to open the epic battle menu
    2. Choose a monster that looks interesting
    3. Tap "Attack" and then select ur desired action. Repeat until bars are empty. Some monsters are harder than others to win against, so grow your kingdom, allies, and charms to increase your chance of winning.

    /s if anyone needs it
  7. I have updated this thread with more recent events.