Returning after forever

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by -NeverLand-, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Never thought I’d be back, but here I am.

    can someone pls fill me in on like the past year and a half and also help me get back into the groove?

    I’m like really confused and there’s ton of new stuff I don’t understand.
  2. Yeah it’s not worth your time just delete the app and play other apps where the developers actually care. You’re only going to be disappointed bud
  3. So as you can see above, forums hasn't changed at least. Welcome back, I returned recently too and can help a bit.
    They've got the fancy new showcase thing, you can immortalize equipment for cheap stats there. Also stores stat boosting gear from the various event boxes. The furnishings thing is taking me a bit but it seems to be an alternate showcase with higher stat items in it,or like a second equipment screen. Aside from that building is easier than ever and volleys land new players at 3 trillion value within an hour. Gold is more worthless than ever.
  4. If gold is so easy to get then why are so many people still so small?
  5. Maybe because...
    - they are players who did not continue to play kaw.
    - they didn't know other ways to get gold (like, selling silver bars from legends)
    - they are players who just started playing
    - they are too busy in rl to play
    - they are one of the many alts (some had more than 5 alts, maybe even more than 10)
    - or your definition of small is less than a hundred million?.. Less than 50m? Or something like that?...
    It's one of my "guesses" anyway... Not sure if there are other factors out there..
  6. I’m obviously not referring to inactive or brand new players
  7. It didn’t seem obvious. There’s really not that many “small” players who are still active.
    Some people stay small for war brackets but other than that most people are growing pretty quick.