Return of the Prestige LB?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Cub, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. When will the Prestige LB return for war clans ? Its been gone for Idk how long. At least a year . Anybody have any idea ?
  2. Prestige sounds like a pretty awesome and competitive idea.
  3. why did they remove it?
  4. Devs don't care about war  #itwillneverreturn
  5. They removed it because a certain clan got to #1 and never warred in that clan again so it never dropped from #1
  6. I would love to see a prestige system incorporated again but with a few tweaks to the system such as prestige decaying over time to prevent clans staying #1 without warring. Would also help create competitive wars again.
  7. Rising Hawks ftw \_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Would like to see Prestige LB return to see who the best war clan is !!
  9. support
  10. I have sent feedback suggesting that they reinstate the prestige lb for ll wars.
  11. You should see Drake. sitting around top 5 :D
  12. There is like only 5 war clans left tho
  13. Each person should have their own prestige awarded after each win and taken from each loss. Not ee that stops at lvl 5 but a spell just to show that persons skill level.
  14. Seems easy to fix. Just let results older than four weeks decrease in value. Lets say 25% each fiur weeks 
  15. dumb so what if a certain clan stays at the top for a while if people want it to no longer be number 1 form a super roster of the fastest people on ally lb. devs never removed redstar he was at the top and stayed there for a very long time. if people wanted to takeover they should have tried harder or just let it be. but i do think if prestige lb comes back clans in the top 5 prestige lb should lose 100 prestige every month that their clan doesnt war. But then again there could be arguments that great clans who retire want their work and legacy to remain on the face of kaw dont want this to be. so it would be easier to just bring back the prestige lb as it was.
  16. Redstar and the prestige LB are two completely different things
  17. Was exploited the first time. It's pretty pointless.
  18. Uhm how about know get outta here with your second rate war clan