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  1. Ill miss you homie

    Long live reapers...
  2. But who are you even?
  3. Gotta love the ones calling for a reset. They're to stupid to realize people can't reset anymore. Hope you the best in RL.
  4. lol
  5. This thread and those comments were made before resets were removed :roll:
  6. Yay I was mentioned byyeee
  7. Sigh. Some people just cant show respect
  8. Respects is for noobs vid
  9. U r a noob
  10. I could say bye, I could ask you not to leave kaw and I could write a paragraph on all the good times we had and all the stuff we went through but I don't need to.

    You're mi amigo and we'll continue to contact each other elsewhere, this isn't a shock to me at all and it doesnt upset me, we dont talk through kaw at all anymore so there's no point in me making a big deal.

    However, I will say it sucks that you're not going to be on kaw anymore at all :( who can I go to now to do stupid stuff now? :p

    Thanks for the mention, I'll make the reapers a thing again one day in your name <3 (wouldnt be a clumsy reply without a cheeky bit of slight camp-ness) and your body will be remembered :p
  11. Farewell, GL in real life :)
  12. Guys. Gals. People of unidentifiable gender.
    He's gone. He's been gone since June.
    Its too late for goodbye, let the thread die.
  13. I found this thread and i was inactive at the time do i decided to pay my respects. By making stupid comments like this the thread lives on. I also hoped people like my boi clumsy would see it in case they missed it to also pay their respects.
  14. Do that stupid stuff with me
  15. Ayyy reapers
  16. Miss ya bro :O

  17. Noob check date of original u feel stupid now huh
  18. Merely here to pay my respects and will keep this short. Never thought you'd ever leave lmao and we've always had our ups and downs. Unfortunate that you have to leave bud. PEACE

  19. See you later alligator,

    I know we had our differences, our faults and our hate/love(?) for each other, but I appreciate getting to know you, it's been a long ride. A great one, and I hope you do the best in whatever you plan to do.

    Also, there's just one more thing I need to tell you:
    I'm going to beat you next PvP event.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.