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  1. This is not a thread about my retirement from KAW but it is about retiring from it kaw in general.

    I will have reached 3 years in this game this July and somewhat recently I contemplated bringing my kawreer to an end. It had nothing to do with resentment towards the devs and how they are running this game. It was an evaluation of two aspects; how much of my resources ( time & money) have I put into this game and should it be spent elsewhere and If I do continue on, then how do I want it to go?

    Before now, my time in KAW has been spent playing ebs, ee, and getting into the occasional scrap with another player. I don't have any regrets about this. I don't agree with anyone that says "this" or "that" is how you are supposed to play the game. The devs have designed this game in such a way that it can be played in a multitude of ways.

    If I was going to continue playing it would have to be more than as an eb fairy. I have no issue with players who play this way. Play the game the way you enjoy most. Ee probably extended my time in this game. Obviously, my build is centered on it though also easily used in osw as well. But ee wasn't going to be enough either.

    One thing ee and ebs have in common is, neither of them do really well at building community. I understand that it does happen. Geometry&Theology has certainly done so out of ebs and Rising Hawks have done so out of ee, but I don't think that's the norm.

    I was only going to do one of two things; retire or join an osw clan. I believed and still do believe that this is where you find the best examples of the community in this game. If anyone else feels they have found the best community you can find in the game and their clan is an eb or ee clan, I mean no disrespect. I am glad you found that. I just don't think that is common or maybe even doesn't last outside the examples I gave and the rare few others.

    OSW clans don't fight for gold or equipment. They go to war, its for something different. They go to war for the honor of their clan, family or perhaps in defense of their own. This isn't to say every osw is fought over altruistic reasons, but even if leadership has the most selfish intentions, the lowly ground pounder has no other reason to fight other than his clan and family name, or for nothing else, the person next to him in the fox hole.

    I decided to stay in game and after some 6-8 months of considering which clan and family I wanted to be apart of, I decided on; Chaos Reborn, Apoc

    One day I will retire. I imagine for the same reasons I considered before. Everyone will. Even if it takes until the last dying breath of this game when everyone is FORCED into retirement because nothing lasts forever...but it isn't today.

    What I want to know from the community is this; Why haven't you retired yet? What keeps you playing and most importantly, what do you believe will bring about your retirement?
  2. Enjoy your retirement
  3. He's not retiring :roll:
    The end of the game will be my retirement
  4. Well said  maybe surprise everyone one day and come out of retirement
  5. Sigh... First paragraph guys. Not retiring
    =) But I do appreciate the love asmo.
  6. I stay by my good friends and kaw isnt what it was.
  7. Sorry lol
  8. Great read. Thank you.
    As to why. Friends met on here. The only reason this game works at all is the social aspect. The ability to meet great people you would never otherwise meet.
  9. I play because my cyber friends play. I been contemplating retirement for months and not very sure why I haven't committed yet. Maybe above everything else, this game has become a part of our everyday life, and like any fad, it must be replaced before being abolished. Idk.
  10. Well said 
  11. That was @optimal chaos
  12. Nice post stitches and good to see you around. That is exactly it. This is a social game built around chat. I tried playing Clash of Clans for a while, and I enjoyed it enough for a while, but it didn't last. C of C is also a social game that inhibits chat to prevent abuses. Unfortunately, in a game that is built on society, that is a crippling blow. I lost interest because of that.
  13. Hi damascus.only want to say that this game is something different because of us,great players and small as good friends,talking in spite of wars everyone can make friends in them too,wars are only for having fun...but friends are the best in game.i have friends with i have warring and they are great players and persons.the base of this game is to conserve big friends.i hope that you continue enjoying the game as
  14. I agree, old friend. C o C just isn't KaW. I play it because of clan wars but the involvement doesn't quite equal the wars here. Inactives with gold out on KaW could be the deciding factor, but its not like that over there. Fishing Superstars is fun though (c: lol. I, for one, would hate to see you go for good, but understand that every good run eventually comes to an end. It will never again be as great as it was because we can't reach that level of excitement anymore. Will be a sad day when this thread title becomes your last, old friend.
  15. Well, one day everyone's retirement comes. When I do, I suppose I will post a retirement thread also.

    Stitches, when your day comes, the game will be short one good poet. =)
  16. For starters, this is a very well-written thread. Very thought-provoking.

    I've seen many rage resets, seen many attempts to cause massive amounts of players to leave this game. And usually it ends with that one person resetting, and everybody else still here. But points have been made.

    Right around my three-year mark, I had come to realize that this game really did not offer anything else to me besides a venue to talk to the many people that I have met here. I really have no interest in EE, or EB's.

    I agree with you OP, the more openly enjoyable parts of this game are lost.

    I think if this game is to survive, they really need to incentivize the PVP and OSW loving players. Otherwise, the players who have the most passion in this game will slowly continue to fall we have seen in the past couple of years.

    I do not play this game much anymore.

    I used to spend a good 4-8 hours a day here, and enjoyed it. Something is wrong, right?
  17. It is definitely the community aspect that keeps kaw on my phone.

    I enjoy the game itself but there really has never been a game i have kept playing for the same amount of time as kaw.
  18. I agree that OSW really brings clans/alliances/people together. It is only in OSW when a lot of communication is necessary and you watch your friends back.

    Don't get me wrong, EE requires communication as well, but not for a very long period of time. After all, they are wars that last for only a few hours when OSW runs without a timer.
  19. Lol what if there were kaw retirement homes
  20. I have come close to retirement on a few occasions due to my frustration at how some people choose to play the game, despite the negative effects it has on others. Every time I almost do though, I find a family willing to take me in and make me one of them.

    Secret_Service forever!