Restoring Foxes to their Former Glory

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Wulf, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. 6k steals??? How much did you lose? How long were you offline?? that's a lot of steals
  2. that is a full strip...
  3. I lost a good bit. That's what happens when you're not expecting to get stripped and targeted by multiple clans.
  4. Call in allies foxes make this a KaW WW1
  5. Lets not forget foxes have armegadon as allies, They jump in its going to get bloody!! OSW of the ages!!!!!
  6. Banked some and bought max plunder back. Should be good to go for a short while.
  7. ER-M5 this would be more like WW5
  8. How would you describe first 4 WWs?
  9. What was ww1 ww2 ww3 ww4 ???
  10. IG/Foxes 1-3, ZiG/UWF, ZiG/Ming, apocalypse/Sun
  11. U sure those were all ww ?
  12. What about hollow/NAL?
  13. Multiple clans...the queens one is a reg clan. DoA might as well be a reg clan, you touch one you get both. As for LR - interesting and the rumors of alpha(with alpha you get protake and UFS)joining even more interesting.

    You talked a lot of smack against the Regs, are you gonna be able to back that up now that they've gone on the offensive? Regs allies are deep and fight till ya think there's nothing left and then boom pow, 8tril strip outta nowhere.

    Are your clans and allies ready to back you up over your need to puff your has been(never was) chest on the forums? Let's hope so, cause seems the regulators are about to....ermmm.....regulate.
  14. They were all massive wars spanning dozens of power clans.
  15. I was just waiting for this!
  16. Heheh than kotfe comes and kills every one
  17. Protake are at war with New Age.
  18. I agree all accept for apoc vs. sun
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