Restoring Foxes to their Former Glory

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Wulf, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. I'll put a 10 billion gold ally hire on it.
  2. ^^ lol drgn I was confused.
  3. Yes, drgn. You did 
  4. i'll take your bet, drgnblade.

    but i want 3-1 odds.
  5. Yeah I hope foxes win but.....

    100b on regs
  6. Reg roster looks like a Christmas tree. 
  7. Are german foxes involved? Because if not... I dont see any chance for the foxes.
  8. Got incoming from at least 6 clans and took 6k steals.

    Sneak attack. Well played, Wulfie.
  9. Which clans are involved on Regs side joe_?
  10. Soooo if this isn't just regs v foxes, going to be interesting once alliances jump in!
  11. So far, looks like all Regs clans, LR, Nightmare on Queens Street, Defenders of Asgard, and there are rumors of Alpha joining them as well.
  12. 4 on 1? Lame! 
  13. i am not in any of those clans and that makes me sad.

    ...i need to not be clanless anymore.

    hey foxes...can i join your clan?
  14. By LR, do you mean last rights?

    I have a feeling that voodoo and outlaws are going to be involved as well.

    If so, this is gonna be massive.
  15. Respect to both clans. Fight till your last breath 
  16. Yes. Last Rights.
  17. Aww I was gonna help foxes as well, if its against LR then I'm neutral sorry
  18. Interesting.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.