Rest in Pieces. A good piece of my life has been broken...

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  1. Thank you all for the positive thoughts about my beloved Bong. Monster, you can please kindly remove your disrespectful attitude from this thread, no room here for your shmuck-like behavior. Thank you kindly.
  2. I smoke harder stuff than weed and on a live news television broadcast with my posse. To each their own. I <3 drugs.
  3. I love how people just make assumptions about you over the internet. I've been in public schools my entire life. I'm sure those people are intelligent, but obviously not when it comes to health decisions. Again, I will reiterate the fact that if you pm anyone I know, they will confirm that I am indeed, not sheltered.

    I'm glad you can actually provide an argument though, was getting bored with the other guy
  4. Monster, while I can't begin to guess your life experiences, education etc (and I don't care), your views are somewhat shallow and simple. There's a big wide world out there, formulate your thoughts and develop an opinion that less cliche and generic. 'Ilegal drugs are bad, legal drugs are good', it's these type of opinions that have led us to to an epidemic of addicts on legally prescribed painkillers.
  5. Oh and my bad on stating that half the states legalized use, its only 23. Mah bad bro 
  6. Idk bout you y'all but being on painkillers isn't fun
  7. Rip Mrs.Bongs. May u find another companion soon bro 
  8. I broke my bong once. Instead of crying i ordered a new one and rolled a few blunts.
  9. RIP.

    Nothing worse than becoming intimately familiar with your piece, to have stories about its scratches, to know how to hit it just right (and a whole other myriad of things), and then to have it break.

    My sentiments go out to you in what is surely a time of grief and mourning

    As for Monster, a debate does not involve calling the opponent stupid or thrusting stereotypes onto them. A debate is a formal discussion between two or more parties wherein fact are presented. A real debate often involves both parties having an open mind in hopes of coming out of the discussion with a new outlook on the issue.

    You don't seem to have that, well, at all. It seems your mindset is fixed, which is odd since you said you don't live a sheltered life. Do some Google searches and you'll find marijuana use is controversial, there's overwhelming evidence for and against it.

    I suggest you start reading, especially if you want to have an actual, educated debate.

    Wouldn't that make a nice thread?
  10. Thank you for your support during this time of need  your wisdom is insightful
  11. Unfortunately I know this feeling all to well my friend. I used to have a nice bowl that was shaped like a dolphin obtained from my best friend while they were vacationing in Mexico. Named delphina. Me and my girlfriend were hiking one day, when delphina fell from our possession, down a small cliff into a river. I like to think maybe one day ill visit the river again, and see delphina jumping and playing in the river. Maybe one day....maybe one day.
    P.s, hiking while stoned is incredibly life-changing and beautiful...
  12. This pretty much made me giggle. I don't condone drugs....... no really I don't. Kids bongs are bad!

    What was it's name.
  13. It's name was not for a 9 game 
  14. I wish to let all know that she has been buried and in wake of this tragedy a new Piece has been born. She came into this world at an astounding 9 pounds 4 ounces with a beautiful green and blue hue. We have decided to name her tokELocks
  15. Support. My condolences. CF granted tokElocks...enjoy your afterlife.
  16. Nice way to treat your alliance member

    Is it bad i assumed what this was about when i saw thread title and op name? I known you too long Zrek Rip
  17.  omar. Yep, I'm just amazed a few people didnt get it 