Rest in Pieces. A good piece of my life has been broken...

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  1. Hello KaWmunity.

    Today, I bring this piece of literature to light in an ode to my best friend, a part of my life, and a source of most of my happiness throughout the last several years......

    You were the Piece that completed my heart

    You were always there for me when I needed a light to lead my way.

    You were there for me, when no other was to be found.

    You always lifted me Higher, never put me down, ( except for that one night i passed out in your arms).

    Whenever I looked in your direction, you always beckoned me, never shun me, and i appreciate this.

    Rest in Peace, my love...

    Thank you for always being there for me... You were my best Bong, my life smoker, and an amazing life we shared.

    Tl;dr version. I broke my frikin bong 
  2. I can not read. I am not a smart man.
  3. Get a life
  4. I drank my Pepsi too fast
  5. What happened was a major travesty, please keep your comments respectful 
  6. R.I.P. Your bong shall be missed.
  7. I too suffered the lost of a much loved bong...Her name was Betty Bang Bong mother didn't approve of our love and smashed my love to death with a rolling pin...I have never been the same so I feel your pain bro......Support ya 100% I could tell ta the pain goes away but I can't lie to ya...
  8. That's a terrible thing.

  9. Hilarious
  10. Rest in peace you beautiful angel . She's is a better place now, but I'm sure that she would want you to move on when you feel comfortable. As they say, there's plenty of bongs in the head shop.
  11. R.I.P Zrek I'm sorry for your loss. May the memories (or lack thereof) forever remain with you for all your days.
  12. RIP Mrs. Bong

    May you shatter in in piece(s)
  13. Thank you all so much for your love and support in these trying times  Happy I am so sorry for your loss. It brought tears to my eyes to read that
  14. Support op, as I too have suffered a similar loss. A party bong named 'The Hand of God', having tubes coming out of the five fingers. For years this blessing brought happiness to up to 5 people at once and countless others during its life, until I came home one day to find it in pieces.
    A jealous ex-girlfriend had taken a bat to this fragile soul. Not a day goes by when I don't laugh and cry at the good times you brought 'Hand of God'. R.I.P to the lost bongs of so many in the kawmunity.
  15. Bong Rip City :shock:
  16. This thread is drenched is loser tears. Get a life
  17. Says the nobody attempting to call other people losers and to get a life on the internet. Kid get outta here.

    RIP your beautiful bong️