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  1. That's what I'm avoiding :p They just added fuel to the fire with that one.
  2. While I do appreciate a response, I must say it is all rather disappointing. The hit range explanation is an insult to our intelligence, quite frankly, and what a slap in the face it is to say theres already so much free stuff when in reality the things they mention are simply parts of the game structure. Thank you, Titan, for at least standing up for the players wants and needs, you did manage to elicit a response from devs, which is sadly a rare occurence in today's KaW.
  3. So basically they didn't do anything for us and rolled out a new event :lol:

    They certainly didn't address player's concerns over bias and selective rule enforcement
  4. Probably not the thread for it but here goes.

    An old idea of mine that I'd like to see implemented. Essentially a big game of chess with builds. It's broken though. Thoughts?
  5. AJ you're a sharp dude.. If they just completely brushed off all of our ideas with some condescending response and just rolled out another promo... What makes you think they will look at your idea seriously? Its probably a good one too but that don't matter
  6. My reply to that wouldn't be too ToU friendly. I'll pm why some time later. 
  7. Ok we got an answer, like it or not, it is for each individual to decide.

    Here goes my humble opinion, based on the answer we got, and only on the ones that concern me the most.

    "-Hit Ranges are Too High

    Hit Ranges in Kingdoms at War haven’t changed over the years. We’ve always allowed larger players to hit smaller players and vice versa. This is a balance that ensures each player has actionable targets in their battle list. In reality though, big players that go after small players get pretty terrible payout. Small players going after large players (while it’s difficult to do) can get a better payout. Generally potions help to balance this as well (both in attacking larger, and defending), though the last round of potions we added had to be removed after a largely negative response from players.

    While hit ranges haven't changed as they're based on providing players with an appropriate number of enemies on the battle list we'll continue to monitor and model out possible changes."

    Ok...this answer concerns me, a lot!!!!
    "This is a balance..." This isn't a balance, actually far from it. Battle list is used by less than 1% of the kaw comunity, correct me if i'm wrong, nowadays its only used for PvP events and some few clans in kaw, nobody else uses it.

    Sure big players get less money from attacking smaller ones, and vice versa, but the reason they hit each other isnt for the plunder. Usually it's related to ally disputes or someone that says the wrong thing a the wrong time. Smaller hit big get more plunder, but they do little damage to them. Bigs hit smalls get less plunder but take a lot more (troops, spies, gold from the defender). It works how its supposed to. Is it fair? Well, perhaps isn't, but it's a plausible way how that should work.

    What you can't say is that's a viable way to balance things. Extortion of seals, destruction of novice clans, "cyber-bullying" (i hate this term but can actually be applied to actions taken with troops and spies to small ones), happen because of this. Is this good for the game environment? No. (if you convince me otherwise, bud, you are a mastermind and i'll knell to your feet).

    As i said in the thread created by Titan (thanks again for the time you put into it), you don't expect to get the final boss of a game in the 2nd hour you're playing it. This isn't reasonable.

    "But Berd im feisty and i'm not affraid of a big build!!!"

    My friend, i love your spirit, but you'll max xtall every day to what the big can do with perhaps 5 xtals to do the same (a little exagerated but needed to prove my point).

    Ally Market

    "Ally inflation is an organic trend that reflects the in­game economy. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can (or should) artificially limit as allies do play an important role in the entire scope of the game. The simplest solution for this is to have new allies, though this is dependent on new players coming in to the game (addressed below)."

    You hsouldn't touch the ally market by any means, only buy fixing the hitting ranges.
    New players keep it alive? Sure, for a couple of minutes. Big ally hoarders will get them ecentually, hire them from you, hire hit in most cases and you can't do anything.

    "The one with most gold keeps them Berd, work harder and keep buying sinc eyou make a profit from it!!! duh noob!!!"

    I believe in that, but the amount of gold a smal can generate compared to a big isnt even close to almost similar. Bigs generate more money, from EBs, from ally trading (if they actually are dumb enough to try to do it). A small can't ever dispute an ally with a big. If they find a nice ally and hire it from a big...maybe they are lucky and the big doesn't notice or they'll lose it.

    "Hey, they will still get the bonus gold from selling it!"

    Yes they will, and will lose a lot more from the hits they'll take, with no chance to retaliate.

    So, i appreciate your answer to Titan document, but i expect a little more understanding of the game honestly. Perhaps you know what i'm talking about, or at least i hope you do, and didn't want to enlighten us.

    As i stated in other threads, if you fix this issue (hitting ranges) you'll fix a lot more than you may think (apparantly).

    Isn't just me, i think other would say the same, if you spend more time on this, people don't mind the constant events. If you aren't able to do this fixing, be honest at aleast.

    Berd out.
  8. No matter how much or how many times u try, result will be same...

    Devs will not remove hte..

    They only care abt how much cash they get at the end of event/at the end of month..

    They let lbs do whatever they want..

    There is no fairness in kaw, devs only care for lbs....
  9. It seems like most of these responses were in a defensive manner and offered no hope of any real change.
  10. I'd like to suggest to the devs that's they remove the feedback button on the homepage. Clearly you're not too interested in our issues with the game if this is your response. It means dick. Take what you've given us as a response, shove it up your ass.
  11. 1
    hit ranges.

    No one cares about payout for hit ranges.
    Pots do not counter a 20-30 million stat difference.
    Farming a player is not about profit. It's about how much you can make them lose for how long by keeping them pinned or forcing them to bank.
    Gold earnt is irrelevant. Even osw is now about hitting hte for strip funds and then whack a target.
    You don't hit the target non stop for gold.

    What it does continually, is allow bigs to hit everyone below them. Dominating every single pay to win event and rules every mid and small out of contention.

    We want tiers and tighter hit ratios so it is worth our time playing and competing.

    Of you played alongside us for a while you would see this in effect. Especially in competitions.

    Player progression.

    Though I applaud your recent changes the reality is this.

    Small builds hit small ebs.
    As the build progresses it can be used to hit larger ebs earning greater plunder.
    But whilst smalls do that big builds continue to reap the highest rewards for build size as well as the added advantage of being able to hit the highest paying ebs.

    The plunder curve is slightly reduced. But not that noticeably die to the fact that bigger builds still plunder substantially faster and can upgrade often with ease as new lands and levels are released.
    A declining plunder curve would limit that gap by sacrificing gold for strength.
    More powerful builds but lose 0.1 % per abysmal land for example.

    With a decreasing curve and the higher paying ebs for the powerful their would be a more balanced economy in kaw. Whilst it would take nothing from those who have paid or played for years it would over a length of time allow for the playing field to become more even this promoting better wars and fighting mechs within the game.

    The best solution I can see is a new set of additional lowlands that would show more progression early on whilst offering a reasonable amount of gold to aid builds. Not excessive extra. But enough to make a notable difference. Builds available would control that level. It would also not provide a huge stat boost that any player could not make up in a very short amount of time.
    Progression only slows with highlands and above. Thus extra plunder especially helps mids and smalls close the gap in build time. It also shows new players progression is very possible and real early on in the game.

    tiered levels indi and place similar builds where they can be of use.
    But I totally agree with all your points.
    Which is why I favour another battlelist or successful actions pvp way to earn mith.

    Pvp farming alts.
    How is this really any different from hitting a safe eb?
    If someone is dumb enough to slow their alts progress down, that's their own stupid fault.
    But maybe you could increase payout linked directly to pots used per attack / steal to reduce the cost of pvp.

    Ally market. Max plunder kaw allies that can be brought and sold at a flat rate. 1 billion for example. No profit no abuse issues, can be stripped and does nothing to slow real allies as the most active powerful real allies will always be sought out and warred over.

    Free content.
    See prior pvp suggestion regarding mith.
  12. It really disappoints me that ATA only touched on these things. I know myself and many others posted much more than this on the previous thread.

    Anyway, I don't see progress being made. I respect you for trying Titan, but it didn't work out.
  13. As I read this, I imagined the devs slowly sticking up their middle fingers to us.
  14. :lol: glad I am not the only one who notice that
  15. For Thinking Apes, they didn't do much thinking.... 
  16. You'd think they were monkeys with all the crap they flung at us.
  17. Nothing here about the horrendous war times for Asian based players.

    I guess either Titan God or ATA don't give a crsp about us.
  18. Apparently my voice doesn't matter. No response to my concern . op is just a fail in my eyes I saw at least one other sharing my concern
  19. devs said thanks for voicing your opinions but we aren't going to change anything. now please participate in this event.
  20. Why would you blame the OP? You're a moron.