Respect to Apoc

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  1. Don't beconfuser about the title,I still think your trash tho I will admit I admire what you did to zaft! Dismantled there whole alliance leaving nothing but the carnage of the massacure. Got dudes hiding behind chick names got -midgard warriors-target sharing lmao even Carnage the clan joined Wdgaf praying not to get harb'd so keep at it apoc you have my respect we been fighting years while all the pretend fighters target share in hopes to better the chance of a cf lol like alt'deenie clan lmao can't stand a chance against me so scam silences only satisfaction they can aquire mainly cause they can't strip cause battle royal an reg haunt don't give them the buying power lol it's quite hilarious
  2. A+ on sentence structure and punctuation 
  3. Omg really lmao I'm on mobile can't utilize asdf jkl; lmao such high expectations from peeps in a 9+ tap tap app now kindly stay on topic an contribute or stay off the thread
  4. Idk man, this post seems kinda gay

  5. OP is kinda gay 
  6. The English language can be your friend
  7. This is incredibly wet
  8. Miss zaft
  9. I don't think that word means what you think it means :)
  10. I think he needs to go back to school...
  11. Probably cause your here
  12. Funny how everyone commenting "Gay" I personally smacked up solo.
  13. Amazed wog even here, i fought them solo for 10months while they executed a sub par team effort so if any one here gay it's wog an Todd.
  14. Locking this thread, cannot falsely accuse any players on any public channels for sharing accounts, if you believe someone is sharing accounts please open a ticket and provide all information towards support so they may investigate and take furthermore action if required, remember public channels is not the way to report players.

    Many thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.