[RESOLVED] PvP Blitz Drops

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. only got the rewards for the original 20 items tier, not the 30 items tier as stated
  2. Thank u devs so much I think this new tier and xtals rewards should be implemented in future pvp events
  3. My tired did not drop and I was only 3 away. Where is this tire drop and xtal?
  4. The number required for each tier was changed, so the rewards you get would be for the newly lowered tiers.

    The tiers in-game have already been updated to reflect this.
  5. Yeah I got 27, so if the 30 tire dropped to 20 I should have received 2k. I got 1.5k like old tire
  6. The previous 20 Tier had 1,000 Lunorbs.

  7. Bud. You got the reward which you would have got when you had collected 30.
  8. Right  I was in work and got confused sorry. Ty at a
  9. Is anything going to be done about how the pvp drops distribution disrupted the individual wars. Throughout the entire war, especially the beginning, players would get the following message and it would boot us.

    Happened at beginning and totally threw off war. Half the players missed start of war.
  10. The people who paid and played the most to get to top 50 and 100 got the shaft... couple Of xtals. They got scammed waste of time trying for pvp if they just give away the rewards to people that didnt earn them and then give nothing to the people that fought and earned their rewards ...........
  11. Whats your solution then?
  12. They just robbed everyone who thought "nah" "I'm busy this weekend I'll do it next". 1 whole tier for an hour that's rediculous
  13. Are these new tier rewards for future pvp blitz?
  14. These rewards are only for this weekend's PvP Blitz due to the issues encountered with the end time and drops not occurring.
  15. Is anything being done about the wars that got messed up because this resolution?
  16. Since the top 100 got 2500 previously, should the ones who had 50 get 2500 instead of 2250?
  17. Is everyone still waiting on the rewards of the higher tier they are in now? (because of the fix) or did it just go wrong on my account? I collected 20 seals and got tier 4 reward for that, the only thing that fix changed for me is that i now have a tier 5 achievement.
  18. Make this for permanent for all blitz so we can get a chance to get a good tier without sealing ;)
  19. It's crap, I couldn't figure out why nothing was dropping last hour as I dropped from top 50 to land at 53.. A lot of work put in to land in top 100 because of a "mishap"
  20. Awe the drop build is upset that he couldn't keep sitting on the small noobs.