[RESOLVED] iOS Update Crash

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. ...thanks Charlie 

    Back up again lol
  2. Should be working now. Will make a forum post updating.

    Sorry everyone
  3. Thanks grant
  4. Hey since you guys are coders/programmers and can't perform support function. Can you somehow make it so if an acct logs onto 2 different IP that are so far apart in a certain time frame the 2nd one that logs on can't?

    ...thanks man 
  5. Can you somehow make that intelligible?
    EDIT: I understand now
  6. Took a while, but yes. Finally working again.
  7. I was unable to get on for almost 2 hrs. I think a lucky fortune is in order. I'm on android
  8. Yo that was pretty articulate & straight forward, missing a couple of comma's in 2nd sentence, (lol) but otherwise ...I can Roni it down for you if you want.

    ...not a good idea? Can't imagine who wouldn't think so (moonface)
  9. Mine shut down for 15 minutes nearly lost an eb :(
  10. It's not a bad idea per se, but isn't really necessary, as it wouldn't affect the game much. :moonface: stay strong my moony brother
  11. It's an awesome idea ...ACCOUNT SHARING is a huge problem whether nobody wants do admit it or not.

    Ie: find/make buddies/partner in crime halfway around the world and exchange log in info ..while the other sleeps the other plays his/her acct vice versa ....tired of cheaters yo
  12. Oh I see how it would work, yes full support. Sorry I was a bit confused as to what you were implying.
  13. So I get it Charlie/Grant and the others can't perform support functions and can't perform punitive action against violaters of TOU ...they're job is to enhance player experience as coders/programmers

    ...they can do this 

    Charlie you do this and you're KAW messiah , make KAW great again Charlie
  14. Believe, and from this view we achieve