[RESOLVED] iOS Update Crash

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    Please tell me you are just trolling him :-/
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    Sorry no SS, I went back and looked again, but no luck, maybe the ID 10T error was on ATA side.

    Perhaps a code scan with up to date AV might reveal a mass infection of PEBCAK malware at ATA HQ.

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  4. Can you fix the Pokemon Go servers?
  5. Erm. I am on IOS and it's not fixed yet. My game still crashes upon using items and auto crashes about every 1-2 mins. Yes I did download the newest version of kaw.
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  8. I still have crash with ios i have ss
  9. How about the current Android server crash? What's the word on that?
  10. Hey can you be specific? I want to look into it!

  11. Android is not loading kaw it keeps telling us invalid response from server on the home screen for android users only iOS and PC is loading fine.
  12. Invalid response
  14. Every time I try to open the app I get the reload symbol and a message that says "invalid response from server"
  15. People on androids can not get on kaw at this time
  16. Can confirm , iOS seems to be working, android receives an error on the splash screen and cannot log in at all
  17. Get on it Charlie. Already praised you in wc now it's up to you. Don't let me down 
  18. Hey Dev the server for android is not responding? what happen? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  19. ...I told you

    Think Different
  20. [/quote]

    Hey can you be specific? I want to look into it![/quote]
    "Invalid Response From Server"