[RESOLVED] Individual War #4

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  1. Actually war 5 was impacted by the situation war 4 presented. So there was a lack of clans participating in war 5. So I think EE should be renewed at least 24 hours so we can war tomorrow and hope kaw's war system actually works
  2. Newsflash for you, I am a player too, I also purchase things and give the Devs my hard earned money. So don't act so hard done by. I too have the same right to express myself as you do.
  3. ENGLISH ONLY, TOU/ROC is the law here. You don't like it, stay out of forums. Continue to speak anything but English and I will ban you. So don't go off all soapbox it's the law Blah blah. You adhere to the rules of this game or you get sanctioned. Your real world laws don't apply here.
  4.  i m not afraid of what i said , just bored
    i dont want to tell u all the mistake i got durring those lasts season with mk specialy !
    i m bored too to speak with u guys ... so that s why i m speak french .

    now i have a question for u : have u other boring questions ?
  5. devs ur silence tell me so long on how u re ️
  6. I have the right to complain and I will exercise that right. You have the right to disagree. However Idc about your rights. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  7. Mushroom your tears flow like a faucet ( try valium). Moron
  8. Thank you very much 
  9. the Moron is the guys who said it ! dont be refouled one ️
  10. Crying like a school girl  pucker up buttercup️ nice name btw exploit wars fail ya?
  11. I didn't get my mith or anything when are we getting these?
  12. Please be patient, Devs will distribute them when they are able to do so.
  13. u r only good to critic and buy nobs points 
    seems like u r a sheep ont the life 
  14. So where is mine.
  15. continu to wrote about me in the forum if u like it . at least u have somethink to do in ur life  for my part , the discussion with u is close either devs didnt answered me lot of questions i have asked ️cya
  16. Mushroom  find that attack button come play with a sheep.  we can dance  your crying about wars.mods, i signed up got dropped 2x, andd then not even matched so shut the **** up stupid.
  17. This guy knows what's up
  18. You have shattered sword so shut the **** up
  19. Your an idiot. Where did you come from? Go back there we don't want your Sorry ass on forums. You've already annoyed most of us
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Not open for further replies.