[RESOLVED] Individual War #4

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. so pls keep ur opinion for urself ! ty

  2. Fine then keep your opinion to yourself. But lhl is free to say whatever he wants in forums
  3. I challenge you to find a time when I went screaming to Devs about stuff they don't have to give us.
  4. agreed he is , but not answer like he s a devs
  5. Shroom, Chill. It's his "job."
  6. I see it like this most of you mods are so ignarrent you dont even reply back,anyhow cba with ya so gd day sir!!!!
  7. I have just as much right to state my opinion as you do. I find your arrogance to be unbecoming.
  8. mods jobs is to clean wc and wall , my jobs is to give réal money to the devs and devs job is to work in this GAME for let me have FUN !!!
    is that clear ?
  9. Cool 50 Mith ;)
  10. Where did he answer like he was a dev? He said they didn't have to compensate us, which they don't. Then you went on a verbal attack at him. I didn't know telling the truth was answering like a dev.
  11. et bla bla bli et bla bla bla ....
    ok on va pas y passer des heures et ni se battre avec tout le monde pour un jeux a la noix !

    bonne continuation a vous tous ️
  12. Devs, please create a war slot for Aussie evening timezone then stuff it up.

    We have just as much right to whinge about getting free stuff for doing nothing as the rest of the clowns here.
  13. "Nem szabad sirni ha faj! Majd ugy is jobb lesz majd ezutan" ^_^
  14. Pourquoi parlez-vous en français? Acez-vous peur des réponses? Ou tout simplement peur de votre propre stupidité?
  15. English only in forums
  16. @ kaw_community i was dropped from war completely. And not rostered , do i get compensated
  17. I didn't get my 50 mith back
  18. Looks like they were not given yet
  19. Patience, I'm sure it will be divided out shortly. The systems seemed to be delayed and glitchy today so it will most likely be a little while before it delivers the compensation to everyone who warred.
  20. If I want I talk on my own language where ever I want. It's the law allow me. Get translator if u don't like it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.