[RESOLVED] Facebook Outage

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    i'll accept payment in either gold or spyglasses. i'm not picky.
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    Kaw_community! Forward my thread called "Kaw moving forward" to the development team!
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    I say farm the mods until they fix this.
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    I'm actually not too sure how much I can give away on our exact schedule, but we have support in shifts with people being able to work from home at times as well. We try our best to ensure an even coverage, and generally get more people on when issues arise.
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    It appears that Facebook is back online, and you should now be able to connect to the PC client again :)
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    Hurry everyone on before lizard squad gets us
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    Okay thank you :D
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    Are you working on something to help new players with the allie problem
  10. Why is there no Shark Tower for new lands? Or is KaW Com hinting there will be a flying shark tower upgrade at level 2?
  11. We want free xtals
  12. Jesus, ur clan kaw_community, u finished Spragga lives in 1 hit, then try HTE and ROTWB etc. I thought you would know better than to try to hit those ebs

  13. Perhaps kaw community use that account to test things.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. A clanny got stripped during this,i cried a little
  16. Funny how KaW disappeared after they saw the flying shark 
  17. Im willing to bet my liver that people will want xstal "compensations
  18. So true lol.
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    Gib land plox