[RESOLVED] Facebook Outage

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  1. Update 11:15PM PST
    Facebook is now back online and you should once again be able to connect to the PC version of Kingdoms at War :)

    Hey everyone,

    It appears that Facebook is currently suffering an outage which means players will experience temporary connectivity issues when logging in via PC until full service is restored.

    As this is an outage with Facebook's service we do not know the duration of this, but will keep you updated.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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    hmm. if i wanted to strip someone's pc account...

    nah. that would be dirty.

    but anyone want to take bets on the number of angry forum posts resulting from this?
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    Well this makes complete sense xD
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    Out of curiosity, is anybody having trouble with stuff beyond Facebook?
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    intsagram is also down, but that is still in the facebook world. i'm thinking an attack.

    by communists.
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    KC is alive!!

    When level 2+ upgrades will be released for buildings in new lands?

    Any new road map for ATA to share with their Base of players?
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    I'm seeing reports of other sites (AIM and Tinder to name a couple down as well)

    Somebody wanna check Xbox live for me quick?
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    No detailed roadmap on the game, though we're always working on shiny new things.

    When would you guys want to see T7L2? Are you already anxious for those upgrades? :p

    Likely any service that relies on Facebook for login/authentication will be down.
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    I'm curious because my internet just tanked completely, essentially in sync with FB. I don't believe in coincidences
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    oh you are answering non-outage questions?

    i haz qustion: when will you give me all the abyss land fo' free?
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    I remember a thread a while ago about someone threatening to hack KaW. Coinsidence? I think not.
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    Lets blame North Korea
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    ️ He's at it again ladies and gentlemen️
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    Does this include ata id linked pc accounts as well? Or just the Facebook linked ones ?
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    When sharks fly :p

    This appears to be affecting all PC users, however connecting via mobile device should have no issues.
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    I don't really see a reason, why several levels of tier 7 weren't released at the launch of new lands.

    Why wait? You need a gold sink in KaW and already several tier 7 should be out..

    What's the reason behind the delay?

    Also, when are you planning to end BR ebs promo? The end is overdue.

    Thanks kaw_community for all the responses!
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    According to their Twitter account lizard squad takes claim for hitting down facebook.
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    I hope there will not be hf buildings price reduction.
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    I hope there will be just like the rest of the times they cut building prices
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    Interesting kaw com random question. Is support still up answering emails or did they go home for the night?