Resolutions of War

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. I feel like there's something wrong with stats on equip, but I might be wrong...
    The 40k equip is worse than my lvl5 bow from last event, and the top10/50/100 equip look all wrong. I feel under scrutiny you could see the problem
  2. Can arrow just be converted to bear pelts instead?
  3. Need an ATA staff member to clarify how event drops work.

    Is it more plunder based or action based? I'm the second highest plunder in my clan's last haunting yet I received less than 100 bear pelts. I also have more actions then some people yet they received a larger pelt drop.
  4. I think they should be converted to circle shards personally
  5. Yeah....the equip is pretty meh. Sorry devs. It's not horrible (it's slightly more spy atk focused) but it's not useful either as you give up a lot of defense for that small bump in spy atk.

    Compared to Aelom's Meteor the new equip is 2m less atk, 13m better spy atk, and a loss of about 40m in defense stats. meh. Won't get used.

    However, not all negative, the promo was nice. Shorter, one item, less stress, fun, free silver bars and goodies. Overall it's more good than bad. Just anticlimactic with the equip.
  6. login 3 accts get same eq rewards but same eq give diiff. bfe for all 3 accts. eq glitch ?
  7. Looks like we are advancing backwards in this app
    The Totemshield gives you
    Att stats -2,097,200 / -32,032,900
    Spy stats +13,394,080 / -7,853,940
    Change over the Meteor bow when enchanted to max,with the Totemshield costing more elements to enchant with a greater fail rate,one fail for every success. The enchanting process needs a overhaul,and some element events with high element rewards not all of us are spy builds that the drops favor.
  8. Your numbers are off, double check them
  9. Thnx Potato found the one error,i have corrected it
  10. If giving a new freaking equip, should have. Enter stats so we can use it. Who in right mind will waste 1000 inferno and Aqua to enchant this equip with lower stats??? Just stop these bs events of you gonna give these bs equip.

    Do longer events and give better equipment. Give more silver bars in lower tiers. These petty 3000 bars are not enough even to get one upgrade now.
  11. Why not let us upgrade equipment??? We can combine say five equipment in a new mage, new equip has shape of what ever we want, gets best stats from each equip. That way we can use these new equip and they are not just some crap sitting in our mage.
  12. Stop having a little rage...
    It helps no one
  13. What's makes you think they will stop these events?? They are their revenue makers right now. And I wish they listen to me that much 
  14. What's with all the ppl expecting the equipment from a one-week event to be better than that from a two-week event?? Be thankful for the silver bars, which incidentally were a much higher ratio of time:silver bars than the last two-week event.

    A shorter event duration (plus the bonus, mini-events run recently) makes it easier for new players to grow their accounts and acculmulate decent equipment.

    And there was only one component to collect from epic battles... Remember when it used to be four? Much, much easier. Thanks devs.