Resolutions of War

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Drops aren't the same tho
  2. Correct. This one is only one item needed, instead of two items.
  3. When will tokens return?
  4. Grant dose a lousy job being a ape.
    Fire your worthless staff and get someone who can do their job correctly. Or sell out to another company. I went from spending 300-400 dollars a week to only 50. And thinking about retiring from this kaw mess y'all made. #ignorant stupidity
  5. I find this a revamped item from long ago ie bear pelts why can't we have a hoard of undead ie skeletons zombies and vampires werewolfs it's just same old stuff even orcs or chaos dwarfs and evil elfs we need better event fillers please not the old style revamped thanks
  6. So u give out circles instead of nobs for essence and circles are in market, but no ZTA.. Wtf is wrong with these idiots. Keep ignoring me u stupid ape
  7. Grant you ruined kaw with events
  8. I really don't understand how it is so hard to give the community a break. I never felt that 24 hours was enough and now there was barely any downtime in between. This game becomes less appealing each day.
  9. I love getting event rewards but a 2 and a half hour gap between events isn't enough
  10. Am I the only one who read this as revolutions?
  11. Are the silver bar amounts meant to be lower, or was it an error?
  13. If I read correctly you only have to collect bear pelts. So their are no combining items meaning you get items quicker ofc.

    I guess the devs think less effort less silver glad you pointed that out though
  14. I imagine it's related to the fact it's only a one week event. And there is no hard and fast rule that silver pay outs need to be kept the same every event.

    I suppose they could have halved the payout to allow for it only being one week, but it's still higher than half of a two week event pay out, I think.
  15. Anyone else notice the different colors with the spells? Both show blue on here but they are different on a players profile..
  16. I see you cut sb rewards from 2k to 40k....that's a bs move
  17. With the number of events we are having,not really complaining the SB's are worth them,and the cost of enchanting especially with the inefficient mage a few element events should be brought out.No equip,banners or chests in the rewards just increase the inferno or aqua given or HIRE A QUALIFIED MAGE.
  18. But if you also notice you don't need two halfs to make an item. So shorter events and less ebs required to make goal points. 40 is really 20k; 2k is really 1k. So it look like devs are jiving us but really the math works out.
  19. I mean the event is easier so