Resolutions of War

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Wash, Rinse, Repeat! NO SUPPORT! but if that's all Development will do for me I'll grudgingly participate.
  2. not even 23-24 hrs break? 
  3. Wowww....
  4. No items dropping from HTE
  5. the war event item payouts should be doubled also!!!
  6. How long until we have several copy and pasted events running at the same time?

    Are we ever going to see any new content? Or game improvements? Or anything other than an event?

    Surely events have earned you enough profits to be able to do something new for a bit. :lol:
  7. Just checked with the designers. There was a period where drops weren't functioning correctly. Should be fixed now and we'll work to compensate those who should have received drops.
  8. seriously, a hte/zta promo over New Year wud make you devs a lot more popular and people wud then accept to play the new event more easily. Rethink yr customer pleasing policy Devs plse !
  9. Can't see various shields in reward preview tiers. Just shows question mark icon on Droid.

    Guess I'll have to fend off my enemies with my bear hands.
  10. Thanks, I'll get this looked at and fixed.
  11. Love the new option for opening chests! Thats pretty awesome.
  12. Thank you. As otherwise it was impawsible to make a decision on which tier to shoot for.

  13. Ok so the banners from few events ago no longer will be available? And the banner tokens are trash. Also I want to be reimbursed in nobs for the essence that kept dropping from warlord box that i spend money on, after your empowered eb ended. And there's no zta so dont give out circles since I got tons of them wasting
  14. Fear not, there's no need to paws. If you'll just bear with us a bit longer we'll fix this Grizzly mistake.
  15. Hi devs, is there going to be ZTA this weekend? There are circles in marketplace. Last weekend there was no zta > no circles. So I assume there will be ZTA?
  16. I need to bear my soul and confess, I fear that you are panda'ring to too many players bearly pawsible sense of humour.
    Time to take a break and drink some kaw koala.
  17. Thank you!
  18. kaw only favor to those ppls who has tons of accts or ppls who has a no-real life
  19. save drop rate request same qty. to hit awards tiers but 7 days instead of 14 days.

    devs not even make things ready b4 they release new events
  20. I mean you could've waited atleast a day.