Requesting LL and Froastland building destroy enable

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  1. Devs please enable Lowland and Froastland building and destroy. This lands will not make much difference on current plates issue. They are worthless plates. Please enable them because we needed them badly in wars for PS. As PS we are forced to war as hansel and really tough when tanks can attack 8 times a second. The war become little off balanced when hansels put on the same roster. The other side can get a get wide gap of plunder 4 times. Tough for the other side to recover. Please please consider to enable building on this two lands only. Thank you very much.
  2. 8x a second must be nice.. On iOS I'm lucky if I get 1x per second.
  3. Didn't even think about this.. good thing i didn't cast, i pay too much haha
  4. Do you ever stop crying?
  5. Regardless of how you feel about the messenger, the point is valid. You're not going to make Qs spamming hoarfrost or lowland buildings and they're quite essential for warring, whether it be transitioning to PS or dumping glitch troops. No reason for them to still be disabled
  6. Devs....Fix yo ship
  7. Yea, how to change build for lowland war when you can't sell building.

  8. All I see are newb tears when something doesnt go their way. EE has been a joke for years, get over it and stop whining.
  9. If we want to sell our lowlands and move things around we have that right to do so
  10. While this is a valid idea, we can't turn it on for just LL/HL/HF. It's either nothing or everything, and unfortunately, it has to be everything. We are getting close to having everything fixed though!
  11. Btw, is there a reason why selling buildings is always (even when it works) disabled during epic battles?
  12. /lock
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