Request for cease fire from ArGoLi

Discussion in 'Wars' started by JACK_theflipper, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. People doing stupid things all the time! But they do especially when they got teased. ArGoLi teased me a bit and i made the choice to do something stupid and opened him in the world chat. I only can speak out my Apologies for this and all the Insults I spoke out to him. I want a cease fire now and hope for the acception of my Peaceoffer!
  2. Is he still open? 
  3. Alright ️
  4. ArGoli kicks puppies and once punched a baby for being too cute. He should be farmed by all of kaw. Op had the right idea but gave in too early.
  5. Argoli is a great fighter I know that firsthand
  6. Better cf than mine 
  7. LMAO great 
  8. Argoli want to go another tound once I rebuild :p
  9. Rebuild, then you can try aswell ️
  10. I tried once remember but it was against the entire war family I was determined to go forever but you convinced me not to in pm and to just request cf
  11. So I did request cf
  12. Lets strip argoli!
    but not in the kaw way :shock:
  13. Joey I support that.
  14. Oh you people saw me drunk raging on pal know you'd like it. ️ ask the WARriors️
  15. Aww now I wish I had stayed in the war family long enough to have become perm and to have gotten the pal group :(