Request For Auto Clan Join

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Majin_Venom, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Devs a simple Auto Join Enable Button Would Help a lot of small and medium clans,

    Imagine that you turn it on and there is no wait time since ppl can auto join and help finish eb faster, it’s been really slow lately and ppl don’t get the door with enough time.

    this feature would help a lot of us,
    Easy Enable Auto Join please!


    If you support this feature please leave your comments below! thx
  2. No thanks, bigger issues to sort out first
  3. I can see how this would be beneficial. But I can see people like me who are banned from clans using it to get in anyway. 😂😂
  4. Devs won't touch bigger issue, might as well get some QoL changes
  5. Its not a bad idea...

  6. Support. The other ATA game already has it so the coding would just need to be tweaked.
  7. Further to this post not one account has posted that we would actually want in our clan! Or even comes close to min C's requirements! So no support
  8. Would be very fun to mess with the clans that enable the feature... SUPPORT!
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  9. If it would be in the form of an enable button, then I suppose it means it can be disabled? It wouldn't be that beneficial to big clans, but it would be very helpful for smaller clans (who might not have an admin 24/7 but nonetheless still an active clan). And since it can be turned on/off, Support👍
  10. and they are small clans because? They admit semi inactive undersized accounts to hit ! Allowing auto entry would fill them up with dead accounts
  11. That's the purpose of admins with boots. To track or kick them when needed. But at least they can check the activity once they're active. As for clan applicants, if they do not accept immediately, there's a high chance that they'll apply for another clan, or worse, they might be disappointed/disinterested of the game (since ebs are the biggest source of gold for newbies).

    Also, don't forget: It's optional. If it can be enabled, it's a given that they can be disabled, unless stated otherwise by op, then I critize that part. It helps smaller clans whose admins aren't shifting 24/7 yet, and those clans are one of the remaining clans that runs ebs for new and returning players.

    But if such clans do have admins with 24/7 shift, or are willing to manually accept applicants, then they can just turn it off. Simple.