Repeat Action For Attacks

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  1. Two words: item phases.
  2. XD why not go further and create a borrow/load system? You borrow attacks from your future regens! This way instead of wasting your troops while you sleep you can unload on multiple people and be perma pinned while sleeping. Genius!!!
  3. Yes !!!!! See guys? Together we can accomplish great things. I sewppart
  4. OMG delta is back omg OMG omg
  5. OP is eb fairy confirmed

  6. omg that's funny. Lets implement it now. Along with mines so we just leave buildings that create gold for us. Then we don't even have to play. We can log in every few months and not have to get RSI from tap tap all the time
  7. Lazy much? It actually helps you to become faster. Useful for warring etc MAN UP
  8. Attacking other players?

    Say what?
  9. Pretty much this. Also if there were a repeat hit button, in what sense would you be playing KaW?
  10. This has got to be the worst

    "Riding the fence"

    response I have ever seen in forumns.
  11. Lol you really think the fastest guys are tapping the buttons themselves? That's funny.
  12. How do you think they test the iPhone 8/9?
  13. Takes seconds to unload on PC. If your wifi/PC is fast enough.
  14. I think everyone should start with every land and every building already completed
  15. I actually tested this on my laptop, and found I could unload in PvP far quicker on my iphone6 than on PC.

    I run an i7, 8gb ddr3 ram and optimised chrome, on 38mbps fibre optic.

    iPhone 6 connected wirelessly to the same network was quicker.

    On ebs however PC is much, much quicker.