Removing HTE

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  1. In b2b hte clans,59nobs can keep you doing 200%extra plunder haunting (hte) for4to6days, and plunder spell you suggested only last for 6hours.Still cost59nobs?
  2. HTE should stay buy the ability to buy the seals should be removed. HTE should be a rare reward.
  3. Hahahahahahhahahahahaha
  4. 3 of my accounts just pulled 11b each from a regular haunt. Who needs this HTE junk? Lol

    Check clan history for proof.
  5. It was a 5 hour haunt. I made 220b off a 25 minute haunt. You don't even need to check my clan history for proof.
  6. Well, I thought it was quite impressive for a couple 1.5mcs accounts with no plunder boosts.

    I guess the accounts 10x and 30x my size wouldn't be impressed.
  7. Could've been 33B.
  8. How 'bout you remove your face and back off from my beloved HTE.
  9. Thank you for all the support and opinions. Great feedback you guys! Mods can now lock this post.
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  11. This must be the guy that laughs at every dumb joke
  12. If ee was either removed or dead, I woild probably stop spending on the game/ slowly stop playing
  13. I hate hte... I hate feeling like I have to buy seals to keep up with the rest of kaw.
  14. Ebs are kaw cancer
  15. Yup basically łvł 5 ee is a joke for all the time and work that goes into its accomplishment . It use to be fun to work through the challenge for such a reward. Now it's just another aspect of ee that's been subsequently devalued to leave ee warriors with nothing unique.

    I'm starting to really lose an understanding of what the point of kaw is for so many people. Why are so many people concerned with growth when all you do is hit ebs? I would trade every plunder bonus available now and in the future if devs would just give us all one free regain in ee wars. It's the only enjoyable aspect of this game that's hardly a feature. So what's the point?
  16. You still get a shiny gold badge 
    But only 50% is too less :/
    Maybe I stead of 5 levels of Ee, we could have 10?
  17. Lol.yeah let's remove EB from kaw
  18. Hte made kaw very unbalance. I wonder how things would be if hte stayed as a promo...