Remove the mith cap

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by PlagueOfPestilence, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. I propose that the Mithril cap be removed, but make it so that the price goes up per 10 mith, so 10 mith would be 20b,

    But then 20 would be 30b,

    40 would be 60b


    I would also add that we should be able to sell unused speakers for nobility points or for Mithril.
  2. Its a good idea but then those that worked so hard to earn their mith like myself would feel it be worthless if anything we should be able to sell mith!
  3. Then people (smalls) will continue farming wars, but now for equip instead of mith, which took longer
  4. How am I to even use mith then? Useless as is, just more so with this crap
  5. I propose to keep the feature in to buy equip, but just remove the cap to buy mith from the alchemist.
  6. I support that idea
  7. No support. But raising the purchase cap to 20 would be nice.
  8. If you could sell speakers for nobs then you would get 5 nobs a day and they are we thing you must purchase so it will not happen.
  9. Spend it on lovely name colors. All the time.
  10. I worked for my 800 mith.
    Thats not fair.
    If you want mith, war. Simple as that.
  11. No support, the cap is there for a good reason, mith must be earned through warring and PvP.
    If you could buy unlimited mith with gold...why even have mith in the first place? Just remove the currency all together in that case...
  12. No lies, the mith equip is pretty crap compared to the event equip mith is kinda worthless so I dont understand the point of the cap.......

    Mith is mostly useful for OSW now and stuff but the cap doesnt really make a difference to that anyways.
  13. Meth is good ...not goid for the teeth...but good
  14. One mithril costs me like 4bil. Thats like 40b per 10 mith
  15. I think they need to just take most of the mith eq out of the shop, and then switch it out with new eq that is a bit difficult to afford, that would take a lot of farming, but was actually worth it.