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  1. Well, it's been a long time since I made a thread, and a long time since I actually spent any time here in the forums or on kaw. But tonight I was laying around trying to sleep and I couldn't stop thinking about someone who I knew from kaw that isn't with us. This games years old now, and it's had a fair share of players who no longer share our world. Some of them have gotten their own threads saying goodbye, some have walls decorated with posts honoring them. But most of the players and former players to pass go mostly unnoticed by the player base. That probably won't ever change, but everyone deserves a chance to remember those they have lost properly. So in this thread id like to give everyone a chance to post memories or stories about the people they know of who've left. I'll post a story about one who is especially important to me, and if it takes off maybe I'll post a few others. This thread will be sad for most, but hopefully being some smiles as we get to remember and she'd some light on what happened to a few people we used to know. Id like to ask in advance that we all keep things polite and keep any personal dislike out. A few of the players who might get mentioned in the thread were controversial, at least when they were playing

    So to start my post I'm gonna talk about a girl named Molly. Molly played kaw with my back in 2010. In the later part of the year she was a duke in one of my first real clans. We did two system wars a week, no pwar, and she was good friends with the duke of the clan Tom, even though he was English. Molly was 19 at the time I last spoke to her and she was from Scotland. Molly used to play all the time, and would often have her younger brother around annoying her. They had a normal sibling rivalry, in that they had shaved heads, broken bones, and tormented each other. I remember about 3 months before our last conversation her brother took her phone and decided to post her diary in clan chat and my pm since I was not in her clan at the time. When she got home she chase him out the second story window, where he broke his arm. The last time I spoke to her was the night before she died, though I didn't know it. I had told her goodnight and wished her luck on her test tomorrow. A few days later I got a message from one of her real life friends telling me what happened. Molly passed away before she hit her twenties, and she left behind a group of friends on kaw who one at a time had to be told the news.

    I haven't ever told anyone who wasn't from our original clan, but I did have permission to tell anyone she knew what happened. So to anyone who may have known her, you can message me privately for her kaw name. In order to stay within the rules. Keep the personal info to what you're permitted to say, do not post without permission from whoever told you what happened (unless you know from rl, then ask closest family or loved ones) and stick to either their ign or their rln. I look forward to the chance to hear about some of the other people of this game no longer with us, and to seeing the memories people choose to share about them
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  3. Should have read it. His friend died.
  4. Touching story. Thanks for sharing

    I never got to know her because she was too far progressed in ALS at the time, but one woman shared her story in KaW of her losing battle with ALS and her decision not to be put on life support. She stayed on for s long as she could fight posting one or two word messages. One day she stopped posting. She left behind a husband and two kids. Absolutely crushed me hearing her story
  5. I remember that cheese. Was very sad. Goofy it's not just for my friend. I'm pretty sure any long term players have had friends from the game pass and this is a place to share the stories about them. Kaw is made up of real people. And those people occasionally die without us expecting or even being aware of it. Not everyone's story can get told. But if you know someone who passed, please share their story too. You never know if their other friends weren't told. I know some of Molly's friends never got the memo, and they deserved to
  6. I used to be in a clan called four seasons. A lovely girl passed away from cancer I think it was. I still visit her wall every now and then.


    Remembered 
  7. My respects op.

    I don't think I know anyone who has passed on...

    But there are a lot of KaWers I knew that moved on, far too many to name.

    This might be really lame... But I tend to ask myself.

    So many people have left, why haven't you joined them?

    Lately I'm having a difficult time thinking up an answer.
  8. In my first few months of playing, I ended up in an EE clan called Epic Elite.

    It was a pretty decent clan at the time, and we had alot of members and even our own third party chat room.

    One of the Admins there was named LordKelt, He was a very nice guy he knew all sorts of things about KaW that I had no clue about at the time and didn't mind explaining it all to me. He was also pretty funny, had a few good dirty jokes.
    I remember the first time I seen his pic in the chatroom. I was like "Wow, people that old play these games?!?"

    He was maybe mid 50s.

    A week or so after that he was gone...

    His wife had let us know through the chatroom that he passed in his sleep.

    It was the first time I'd experienced someone I knew, solely through the internet, passing away.

    We think when we hop on this game that our friends are invinsible and nothing will ever happen to them, then Real Life happens and it sucks.
  9. I met lordkelt once or twice back when I played. I never knew he passed. That's very sad, he was a great guy. I didn't know the other girl but I'm sure other of her friends miss her too.

    I can't say for sure how many have passed. But I was looking at a few thousand inactive accounts I used to know. I know 5 who for sure have passed and a few more who I think have. Kaw had lots of old members, my first long term friend was 80 when I met him, played with his grandson who told me a few months back he was in a nursing home now. It's always fun to think of the memories. Espically now that I know there won't be new ones
  10. RIP Omar ️
    But that is indeed a sad and touching story.
  11. :-/
  12. I like this thread

    I was in a clan with a few US military men.
    I logged on one night and one of them was talking about an ambush they had been in the last few days and lost a brother and others had been wounded.

    This man felt so responsible for losing his brother and the wounded that he just couldn't wrap his head around what his platoon had done wrong or they should've gone this way or that.
    He was almost inconsolable, but said he was going back out to the site and try to backtrack and see if he made a bad decision or there was no choice as to which way they went.

    We told him there was nothing he could do and he needed to get it right in his own head that he was not responsible, he was doing his job and you can't save everyone in War.

    I still think about him and I hope he found what he was looking for in regards to his mental state. There are too many that have to live and fight PTSD everyday.
    Support Veterans
    Wounded Warrior Project
  13. Kingdoms at War has became for many of us a way to relive stress (or create it) and pass time. However in my time doing so I have created strong bonds with so many. I have been offered jobs, I have met players from KAW in real life, and like the OP have lost friends on KAW. This game is truly great, in a few months I'll be shipping out to Fort Benning, GA. From there most of my class will be deployed to the Middle East, my time on KAW isn't going to last much longer, and reading this post really hits home. It's crazy how fast life has moved, from being an immature kid in 2009, to transitioning into a member of the U.S. Army, I've always had KAW. And the great people that come with it. Truly a great community we have here!
  14. A very thoughtful thread. Thank you for sharing OP.
  15. I'll like to tribute to an old Friend
    Lethal_Reaper R.I.P
    One of the kindness person i met.
  16. Peace 
    Best of luck
  17. Not to share any details. But some of you guys who've sent messages in I wish would share their stories here. Some are very touching. In the spirit of keeping it going, I'll share another of mine

    This is about QueenM. She had a bunch of names with queen or malevolent and spin offs like that. I wish I could remember the other names involved in it. Queen was a younger mother to a little girl, who turns 10 this year. Queen passed away back in 2012 or 2013. I met her back in 2010 and let me just say she was by far the most memorable of my kaw friends. We almost took our two groups of mercs (back when we Merced for system wars mind you) We were gonna fight over who knows what. Now queen was by far the best tracker you'd ever meet on this game, because she was stalker crazy. She had spent time with some agency, and she was insanely good at tracking using game names and common language to track down where a person could be from, say a list of three possible candidates in 3 different locations and using info on them to physe people out. When we met I didn't use anything else with info she could find and she failed to strip me assuming I was from Texas because of my tendency to pick up whatever accent whoever I spoke to was typing in. This of course led to us becoming good friends and her finally surprising me a week later with a picture of myself she somehow found online. As we grew closer I learned about her little daughter, who at the time of her passing was only 6. She was seperate from the father and couldn't rely on him for helping the girl if I remember correctly. After she passed I sort of "adopted" all the guys from her group. It led to some amazing times and many nights over the years remembering her and the good days in random clan chats as we hoped around doing the stupidest things we could think of.

    I choose queen as the one to share second because she was the first online friend is ever had who saw a picture of me, entirely by her own cunning. While some of her actions were questionable, she was always a blast to go to war with and just to mess around with strangers. Anyone who's ever seen me making comments about cyn having twins will recognize it as one of my most common jokes here, and the whole reason I did that was Queen pulling the same joke on one of her friends way back when.

    I've seen a few short sharing moments, and some really nice messages. I realize I've never been much of the touchy guy so I may be doing this wrong. But if anyone else remembers players from their past who aren't around anymore, please share a bit about them, a memory from kaw and maybe what they left behind. I can say with certainty it makes you feel better once you share it. Not all of them will be personally upsetting to you like Molly's was to me, they can be like queens. Just a bit of reminiscing about an old friend
  18. I had a great mate on here, his name was DeadlyStinger. He was a great bloke, had many laughs and he was one of those blokes you could ask to buy you a beer, and he'll buy you 5. He was a rich son of a ***** but one of the best blokes you could ever meet.

    One day I was chatting with him on the phone, he said one of those jokes which made me choke back tears as I was laughing so hard (via phone call). Suddenly I heard a smash, I jumped up and started to pace the room while screaming what happened. He groggily replied that someone had rear ended him. Relieved I sat down. And started to lower my blood pressure. He said he smashed his head and there was a lot of blood. I hung up on him and called the ambulance and sent it to his location (I quickly looked at FindMyIphone because I had him on there).

    I called the hospital 2 hours later and asked how he was, the secretary told me that they were unable to disclose that information, which made me stomach churn. I drove the 4 hour trip to the hospital of which he was at, and they told me he passed 10 minutes ago. I broke down and started running through the hospital, I smashed the elevator button until I had a cramp in my finger, I hit level four and cursed how slow it was taking. I sprinted to the front desk and asked what room he was in, I waited for the doors to open and ran when they opened, I smashed through the door and saw his lifeless body on the bed. I spent the night in the chair next to him cursing everyone in my mind. I'll never forget Jason. Best bloke you could ever ask for.

    Rest in peace bro. 
  19. That is awful. I can't imagine going through that and I'm awfully sorry about what happened. Jason sounds like a great guy, and I hope he'd be happy to know people here will remember him