Religious people

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  1. Tiger let's just be honest.
    All the scumbags on this planet are human.
    We as a species find new and depraved ways to suck every day.

    Religion is just a means to enforce the will of some on others. Normally the masses who are incapable of rising in revolt.

    Xx I know you will think I'm picking on you again.

    But seriously Wtf. Most of that post had nothing to be with being an atheist and as for grammar correction. Just why?

    I'm not sure if you do it to troll or just type what you think without categorising first.

    Please be more concise.
    It makes it far easier to understand and reply to you.
    Also you always imply people don't think for themselves.
    As individuals. Pretty much everyone questions everything at some point.
    It may not be the ideal time for you. But for them it is.
    Saying people don't, can't or won't think for themselves only alienates your opinion.

    And no atheists don't have to believe in science.
    Some scientists are religious.
    Some atheists are idiots.
    That's life.
    Everyone should just try to live so they leave the best possible legacy for future generations of their families and others who's lives they touch.
  2. Personally I feel that anyone who uses a religion to excuse their behavior is not a true follower of their religion.

    They are no different from an atheist - at least the atheist does not hide something
  3. I pointed out the grammar to show the link from the Roman cult (which is a religion) to everyone whether they are atheist or not, even if they think they are Hindu or Jewish they are still in this Roman cult run by the Vatican

    Click on the link and you'll see the religious connection between what we think is OUR NAME or THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES

    It all fits together, Rome never collapsed just it's economy did, we are being ruled by Roman law, from government contracts with UNIDROIT, and UCC (uniform commercial code)

    This is all private international law and is codified in every state and every country

    People is not the plural of person

    The plural of person is persons

    We all are raised by government schools, that's why I say people don't think

    I'm not trying to be offensive it's just a fact everyone is dumbed down because in the 60's the government realized it don't like an informed citizenry

    People who can think are hard to control, Atheists worship the state they are easy to control, "legal" means the undoing of gods law

    We have been under attack for over 150 years and we can't even see it because people are interpreting what we see, hear, and read, we are under martial rule and I can prove it

    My reply has everything to do with religion, you don't see it because you can't read the link that's there

    The pope is the self proclaimed god of this world and no one objects, he controls our history books and our future

    No one knows about the Vatican holocaust
  4. The issue there is that many religions justify violent actions against non believers.

    Of course of many religions were practiced with the intent to lead better lives and follow rules that protect. We wouldn't have half the issues we do.
    We don't. We have disgusting dregs of humanity that don't understand their so called religions and just hand pick a quotes to justify their evil actions.
  5. Any religion that advocates violence is not a religion at all

    All around the country we have satanic churches, it's fine that they are practicing satanists no one has any problem with it

    The moment they start practicing human sacrifice they are shut down, arrested, and have to answer to murder charges, and religious protections can't save them

    Our freedom of religion does not grant the freedom to violate the rights of others
  7. I believe in God but i am not religious.
    I try to lead and live my Life off the basis of Jesus. I am a Christian.
    And I am sorry that you have not experienced His presence. As someone who has seen it and felt it, it saddens me for those who don't believe or for people who just do not care.
    I promise God is real.
    That being said, Religion as a whole has been the scapegoat for many leaders or dictators etc throughout the ages.
    There is a parable in the Bible( i believe) that warns readers of the wolves among sheep.
    I am open to a civil discussion or to answer any possible questions, if i can.
  8. Being a Christian is the belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ, it doesn't mean you have to believe in any god or even Jesus, it's just a belief in the teachings

    There is lots of remedy in the teachings, even the trial of Jesus, we see it everyday all across the world

    It is a brilliant story and anyone who does the same thing has to be set free, it's an amazing defense we have only just recently rediscovered in the last 50 years or so that I can tell

    They claimed he thinks he is Jesus Christ, and when asked by the Roman if is Jesus Christ his only reply was that's what you call me

    He was let go many times before he was crucified the Roman could find no fault, even in those times they were playing the name game and word magic (spelling)

    They kept making up charges and since they had no courts of their own because of Roman occupation, and the Roman could find no fault

    Finally after 6 or 7 times he wrote on his cross "Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews" he never claimed the name, he knew it's hearsay evidence, the Jews were upset claiming they have no king but Caesar,

    "So you think you are Jesus Christ?"

    "That is what you call me"
  9. Hey. So im unsure if this (the last part) is sarcasm or not.
    And Yes. There is much solace in the word. The more you read the more you recognize, and the more you can apply to life

    Peace man
  10. Sometimes I wonder how people exist without believing in their creator.

    It must be an empty life indeed.

    I am glad there are some forumers who welcome big JC into their homes.

    To the unknowing, I invite you to bask in the light of our lord.

  11. I can't speak for other religions

    But if Jesus Christ lays down his life for those who were in eneminty with him. And if Christians are called to emulate Christ - be willing to serve and sacrifice their lives.

    I would argue that any one who practices violence to harass, belittle, humiliate or oppress is pretty much not following in jesus' example. This doesn't mean that Christians can't disagree with those who don't see their point a view rather it means that they do it in a respectful manner.

    To call oneself a Christian and not follow christ's example - that is called hypocrisy.

    It's like a dog calling itself a cat yet it still barks, eats dog food and plays fetch. One can say their a Christian but their actions betray them to reveal they are a functional atheist.
  12. I look at it this way. If you want to be an atheist fine but dont try and put down others and act superior those are the worst type of atheists. You arent going to change someone by being an asshat, if someone wants to believe something fine. Shoving beliefs down peoples throats gets you no where
  13. The founding father's did not want laws based on religion and so far there very few that have ever been, most obvious being the ability for gays to not marry. I won't judge someone based on their religion, only their actions.
  14. Thomas Jefferson was a man of deep religious conviction — his conviction was that religion was a very personal matter, one which the government had no business getting involved in. He was vilified by his political opponents for his role in the passage of the 1786 Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and for his criticism of such biblical events as the Great Flood and the theological age of the Earth. As president, he discontinued the practice started by his predecessors George Washington and John Adams of proclaiming days of fasting and thanksgiving. He was a staunch believer in the separation of church and state.

    Thomas Jefferson letter to Baptists (click here)

    When Virginia was a colony, every citizen was required to attend the one church under the bishop who was assigned by the king, they could not pick their own religious leaders, and had to pay their "tidings", religion was forced on everyone, and Jefferson wanted to make sure that could never happen again
  15. As long as church and state are seperate I don't see the issue with a person in power having faith. I think it depends on the level of observance.
  16. & In walks an Agnostic... I don't know really what's for the best lol but I'm more for an option that doesn't impose on others. As long as religion does no harm, keeps their business out of mine and gets none of my tax dollars, I'd b satisfied but that's not the way it is unfortunately.
  17. I have a firm belief in the Christian God, but I also have a firm belief in Science. Not going to get all super religious, but I personally believe, and anyone who has a understanding or even just a small knowledge of the Bible knows that it does mention things like the Earth being round (the Earth was proposed flat, and in that time they'd have no thought to think otherwise), and other forms of science. I believe science was created for the purpose of understanding creation and things around us.
  18. You just basically dissed the whole Islamic religion and their faith of allah and the stuff they do for him by saying that you're saying they don't believe in their God from their actions get yet they do that for allah Allah and yea its pretty wrong to kill yourself in name of a God for doing terrible deeds
  19. Your last paragraph nails it end of story. Reality is if an earthquake destroys your cities churches and cathedrals theres no fear or panic to rebuild them again. Personally im tired of tv reporting that always quotes the cost of every natural disaster. Imagine if they quoted the costs during the sports news?
  20. From my personal experience most "born again christians" dive head first into the salvation kook-aid so they feel better about something they did in life prior to becoming a self righteous hypocrite turd