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  1. Its funny how everyone thinks their religion is the right one or is the only way to some sort of afterlife.I mean is it that hard to accept that there might not be any afterlife at all. Though People just have to believe in something I suppose , but does it really help in any way to believe such false ideals or childish fairy tales that sound so made up like the tooth fairy? I mean religion does give people hope , but yet at the same time everyone pushes their religion on to others that wish to not be apart of it. Yes religion do cause wars ,but many things do. Such as water,WMD, and land of course. Though I wonder if the world would be a better place if religion didn't exist at all?
  2. It's a cost-benefit analysis. Religion offers companionship and hope - two very important human needs. It's hard to replace that. But it also has been used by the powerful to cause more death and destruction than just about anything else.

    Religion is dying, though. And that's a well-known fact.
  3. Anyone can believe in whatever they want. It is personal to them and no one else has to understand it or believe the same things. It's when they start pushing their religion onto other people or use it as an excuse for acts of violence or to deny people rights and decisions that are only theirs to make is when the problems begin.
  4. I would try to explain that religious people have a truely more vast perception life and existence, but you've already closed your mind.

    I would try to explain that a religion isn't the cause of any wars, rather it has been leaders and governments misusing it. But you've already made up your mind.

    I would try to explain to you that most who try and push their religion on you truely only have good intentions and want you to have have a happy fulfilled life and be at peace. I would also try and tell you that some of these people you resent for this probably are some of of the people who genuinely care about you most in this life, but you would still reject them.

    I would like to tell you that yes most religious people can be a little close minded. Having an understanding of a religion yourself though can open your eyes and broaden your perception more than you ever thought possible, and that you can use your own insight and make your own interpretations. There is also much wisdom and books like the bible and also much advice, everything you need to be a happy person in any situation. But if I told you all this you'd only call me a fool.

    I would like to try and explain that religion, science and metaphysics work perfectly together, and with an open mind can unlock a much greater understanding of existence and the possibilities of the unknown, but you wouldn't bother to try to understand.
  5. Shut up fool! U don't know anything about religion! Go study religion , u dumb!
  6. How could we know that there's is no afterlife? Is there any proof of that? I'm not saying that there is, but we can't be 100 % sure.

    We humans do know very little about the world. Often when scientists discover something new, they get hundreds of new questions rather than answers. And believing that there is no afterlife is also some sort of "religion" I would say.
  7. People are people, some need something more to believe in, some don't.

    Wars are nearly always caused by greed, rather than religion, even though that may be the excuse used.

    Some religions are more tolerant than others, some people are more tolerant of others.

    We will never know if there is an afterlife, just as we will never know if there is a god, or many gods, or no gods at all.
  8. Ewh this is defiantly a troll bate thread, hasn't studied religion just provoking people. You mentioned people forcing there religions don't stereotype ever religion in the world rofl.
  9. I'm not against religion but then again i'm not for it either. The op says "might be", this religious guy turns around and tells him religion is a certainty to him and op is close minded while his is more open, all he can see is god's universe and doesn't allow for other possibilities...this is what irks me about many religious ppl. They're blind to possibilities outside of religion and their own beliefs as bibles or whateva religious texts tells them to have complete faith and remove their doubts. I can't believe or disbelieve anything thinking as i do with perception as my limit, i could even say my statement just then is both believable and unbelievable to me as without any faith or certainty i can't say anything is truely right or wrong. I'd think(not believe) it'd be better for many without religion and alot of religious segration and violence but for many others it'd be bad as the only reason some don't commit crimes is cos they think it'll get them into heaven (or reincarnated as a better lifeform, etc)...ofc if you're doing sumthing just to get into heaven or avoid hell eternally, u'll most likely be going to hell anyway for acting to save yourself rather than acting to do the right thing lol.
  10. Southlander, did you see me say it was a certainty? Did you see me acknowledge one paticular religion and renounce another? I was being spiritual in general. Religion isn't about being good or bad, it's about understanding yourself and others and trying to attain a more "enlightened state". And not open to other possibilities outside of religious text? Did I not say religeon, science, and even metaphysics go perfectly together? That one can use their own insight and interpret things in their own way? All I'm saying is if you shut you mind off of spirituality then you also close your mind to alot of understanding. But I think your just arguing for the sake of arguing.
  11. Yes lol u said all your statements with certainty, no mights or if or possibilities and then told the op with more certainty he had already made up his mind lol And regardless of whether u think science or whatever has a place in religion u still said with faith that they work together with no mention or implication of a possibilty that they might not.

    Edit* And i'm not arguing for the sake of arguing, i'm making a point that u could b close minded and can't see it but will hypocritically argue others are more close minded because they choose not to have faith in what you do.
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  16. :roll:
    It has been said before on this thread and many others; humans need some hope or sense of order in their lives, they fear death with no reward for all their hard living.

    I have always envisioned religion starting with a few early human males pondering, they then looked about, the saw some rocks.

    A few hours later they told their bearded buddies how the rocks talked to them and promised them glory/heaven/pleasure if they worshipped the rocks, of course the first bearded folk who 'communed' with the rocks, decided that they should have power and status, to please the rocks. Just wait until they meet the people worshiping trees... You get the picture.

    I think that made sense, sort of?

    Eh, regardless, I don't believe that religion starts wars. It is a front, an excuse. Religion however in many cases is forced upon people. It had been for millennia.

    Whilst it sounds nice, most religions make no sense whatsoever.

    Remember you don't need to be religious to have morals.

    (Horribly unstructured rant over.)
  17. By forced upon, he isn't saying that people are chained up and made to worship, I assume he means brought into it from childhood instead of being allowed to think for themselves.

    If you bring religion into a child's life, they will believe it and will be much less open to other directions of thought.

    Think of it like behaviour, you teach your children to behave well, so they know behaving well is a good thing.

    If you teach them religion is a good thing as a child, and which one to follow "there is only one God" etc, then that will stay with them, they lack the thought processes to assess whether they actually believe it or not, that is why I believe children shouldn't be permitted to be involved in religion.

    Note: that has nothing to do with my personal beliefs, my children are told that some people believe in various gods but I don't.
  18. Personally I'm against religion, I'm not against spirtuallity though. Spirituality isa a personal thing it's what you feel for yourself. You don't need to be tied to some else's laws and ideas with spirituality. With religion you do,that's why wars start.

    Base line spirituality=indivdualism
    Religion=hive mindset.
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