relativity and quantum MECHANICS

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  1. ...aight I get what you're saying here now but the balloon analogy really doesn't work because you're adding mass to the balloon when you inflate it. So if you're saying this is analogous to what you're saying about the universe expanding then where is the mass that's being added COMING from? 

    ...if it's not expanding through added mass then what would be making it expand??? ...&/or becoming less dense?? lol
  2. This might take a while. And might require its own thread. Give me some time.
  3. Ok take your time 
  4. Yeah, i'm actually interested & i don't really follow meme's much lol. It's always good to learn more about this stuff imo. i've gained most of my physics knowledge reading abit here & there, as a hobby, and taking classes through highschool back in the day. i'm no expert by any means obviously, it's just an interesting subject as part of my interest in philosophy on the most part.
  5. Mass can't disappear. A black hole just concentrates the mass. And no, everything isnt getting "sucked into black holes" and the observable universe is not getting smaller, but bigger. Something that gets sucked into a black hole, stays in a black hole.
  6. You can increase the volume without increasing the mass. As far as the expansion goes again theres many theories. As i said i believe the observable universe is becoming less dense, while the unobservable remains the same. No mass is added, but observable volume increases. I dont think many scientist legitimately believe more mass is being added.
  7. Id say the universe doesnt have an edge. Its unmeasurable because we dont have the means of observing it as it really is. Just as little as a 2 dimensional being could measure the size of the earth.
    Whats outside? Potentially more universes. Who knows?
  8. Just a theory.. Well, so is gravity. In science, a theory is pretty much the highest standard you can achieve. Also important to remember that someone being proved wrong is almost as good as someone being proved right.

  9. I hear ya ...but it would help if they weren't so arrogant and explicit in claiming their theories are absolute truth without question  ...just to do a 180 later on. This happens a lot in academia it seems like, especially when it comes to astronomy.
  10. The standing theory is that the universe is expanding by being stretched. This means the distance between any 2 Points in the Universe is increasing - the universe itself isn't expanding into nothingness.

    Regarding Blackholes, they are a perfect black body which has such a massive amount of mass that a singularity is formed, the mass doesn't dissapear however, it is compressed or transformed.
    This comes from the rules regarding conversation of Mass.
    CBR- Cosmic Background Radiation is one of the primary evidences used by scientists for the Big Bang Theory.
  11. Yeah.. I simply think the standing theory is quite flawed (which it is), perhaps there just isnt a simple way to explain it though. For instance, how can you tell if the 2 points are moving further apart, or closer to each other if you cant observe the dimension in which they exist?
  12. Im not saying i believe in multiverse but do you really believe in Shrodinger's Cat theory or whatever you call it? When Erwin Shrodinger wrote that he meant it as parody /satire....he was making fun of the researchers who came up with that. what a tree falls in the forest with no one to hear it? Not only does it not make noise but its not even there because no ones there to observe it???
  13. If E=mc2 does C=√M/E ? Only we're having trouble with Red Dwarf and could use a short cut.
  14. E/m but yes
  15. What is your opinion of the SURGE acronym with respect to the second law of thermodynamics; And with respect to the first law of dynamics?
  16. Another general question, stemming off ^. Could someone use the first and second law of thermodynamics in their argument to prove creationism?

  17. no
  18. Explain monkey-poo
  19. Some people believe Science and Faith can never belong together and I’ve often wondered how many dedicated scientists who worked with quantum physics also believed in God, until it was explained to me. Quantum physics uses probability theory. An electron for instance doesnt exist in space until its actually observed.
    For the Big Bang to have happened then there must have been an Observer.
  20. Not entirely sure what you mean, but a common misconception about the observer theory is that there is a need for a conscious observer at the time of the event. Even if you believe it does take a conscious observer, we are able to observe the effects of the big bang and thus observing it. Quantum theory does by no means imply a deity.