relativity and quantum MECHANICS

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    Facts yo
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    When I say Many Worlds, I'm not immediately assuming I exist in each and every one. Relative probability states that if it might, it will some day.

    There are multiple countless realities out there where I am not so much as a factor, because I have gone and previously "died".

    In these worlds I do not exist. But as there are those without me, there are those with me alive and well, prospering even.

    It isn't until all your converging timelines and probable chance lead to one, ultimate dead end (old age) that you creep ever closer to the concept humans refer to as "Death"
  4. Yeah I understand the concept

    It just don't resonate with me

    Practically rediculous in fact like trying to find a way to time travel, it's pure fantasy.

    Just because you're asked a question if you prefer soup or salad that in itself don't split the universe where the other possibility exists

    For every choice with 2 options 5 new universe would have to be created

    1 one when you get soup
    2 one where you order salad
    3 one you order soup and get wrong order
    4 one you order salad and get wrong order
    5 one where you leave without getting either

    This is solipsistic thinking that nothing exists but you and that is a sin in satanism

    Satanists must never practice solipsism but they peddle it to everyone else with much satisfaction

    Shrodingers cat makes more sense

    As both possibilities exist only in your mind until you collapse the quantum wave function by opening the box and observing if the cat is alive or dead

    (or optionally you hear the cat meow or hear it dying)

    This seems more energy efficient than splitting the universe into infinite pieces just because you went with red shoes instead of white back in 1987
  5. Are you implying that simply because "Superpositions" are more "energy efficient" than the "many world's" theory... That it can't exist because its... sloppier???
  6. Are we really ordered about by sum as yet to be explained multiversal law...seems as convenient as a omnipotent being to me...i think it's most likely alot more random than most would like to admit but i don't hold much faith in...well, anything lol.
  7. The universe appears to be extremely energy efficient, why would there be many physical worlds connected to your choices

    And to go full circle if you can't observe these worlds they don't exist and would not exist until you were able to observe them

    Like the cat, both possibilities exist until someone observes it

    Or the double slit experiment, that terrified Einstein and he was quoted as saying

    "I want to believe the moon is still there when I'm not looking"

    Or something, I forget the exact words, but he hated quantum mechanics because it meant he was wrong

    No possibility exists to observe these other worlds what's the point of spending the energy on it if the moon isn't there when no one is looking

  8. Actually, thanks to the no-communication theorem, no measurable quantity violates relativity. Only an unmeasured wave function does that. Granted that means quantum theory is incomplete
  10. Js every choice happens is the stupidest thing I have ever heard...sometimes physics just gets...childish (tho it is my favorite science)
  11. Everyone knows the earth is flat
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  13. It's funny. I noticed lots of people throwing around a term or two that involves one of these theories. We have no idea at all what is really going and are unlikely to ever understand.
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  15. Think about the issue with the moon this way. If nobody looks at the moon, will the tide stop? No. It comes down to how you define "existence".
    Although most agree it doesnt "exist", it still acts exactly the same because objects made out of a great amount of subatomic particles will always have an effect. And that effect isnt affected by observation. It only truly occurs in micro-microscopic levels.

    Putting it simply, if unobserved, the moon will act as if it exists. Just as little would the earth freeze if everybody stopped looking at the sun.
  16. So is the universe infinite or finite it ever expanding or does it cycle between expanding and contracting. If it is finite then what's outside our universe if not another universe.

    Ild agree with X on multiverse but if the universe is "infinite" then every possibility has to exist doesn't it? ...albeit at a distance so far that's it's unobservable, correct or no?
  17. Science...amirite 
  18. Science? Hah, more like science fiction. These idiots dont know anything further than memes and Wikipedia on the current topic.
  19. As far as we know, every possibility cannot exist in the same universe. Requires multiple universes. There's more evidence to suggest that the universe is finite. Multiverse doesnt necessarily mean its far away, just unobservable to us
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