relativity and quantum MECHANICS

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  1. Hello all I just wanted to know if anyone would like to talk about either of these topics? I would love to engage in an academic conversation at this hour. Thanks
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    And quantum... What? Quantum entanglement, particles, characteristics?
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    Exactly, I don't mind talking theory of relativity or quantum mechanics, but wed need to know what exactly you're curious about
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    Hahahahaha it's open to your interpretation dude! Just start talking and I'd love to go back and forth
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    This GIF made my day
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    Quantum mechanics is cool with me
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    Well Tony Stark is a pretty cool quantum mechanic, he does a lot of amazing stuff with different forms of sustainable energy and atomic particles
  9. Interstellar is a good movie
  10. Yesss that's one of my favorites. It's portrayal of the fourth dimension was so interesting and well executed
  11. I have a doctorate in philosophy of physics. I'd be happy to discuss.

    I'll get the ball rolling:

    Are ordinary interpretations of quantum mechanics decidedly in conflict with relativity, to the point where explicitly non-local hidden variable theories like Bohm's are no worse off with respect to their non-relativistic behaviour?

  12. Thermodynamics
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    If were being serious here, id have to say that my personal discoveries with "Time is a bubble, not a line" & "Many worlds theory" would have had the largest changes on me.

    When I first realized time was not linear, or cyclical, but instead a hot mash of everything happening at once (much like a superheated bubble) my perspective was changed drastically.

    When I realized many alternate universes exist... Well, the tree of subjugated reality kind of warped my entire view on "what is real, what is existance, what is the meaning"
  14. I'm also "fairly" certain its been proven that Quantum and Relative can not coincide, as Einsteins theory of realitivity didn't hold up at the sub atomic level.

    At least, this is our humanistic view from our skewed perspective.
  15. Lets start by trying to answer, What is Dark Matter?
  16. 85% of the universe mass is missing and we call it Dark Matter. After 70 years (?) still we have no idea what it is.
  17. This is mostly accurate, save for the fact we've made decent progress.

    We can now detect Dark Stars and Black Moons, I'd say that's a move in the right direction.
  18. Wow, for someone who is fascinated by quantum/string/relativity 'concepts' and theories I never knew that they were structured like this into various 'interpretations'. For someone who has no mathematical base of knowledge knowing this will make it easier to learn about them :) And I have tried to keep up with physics but lately Ive gotten pretty distracted by the various upcoming breakthroughs in cosmology, like the upcoming launch of the james webb telescope. And watching companies like spacex. So much is going to happen in the next 5-10 years, we are on the brink of a golden age of information with things like the JWT going up into space next year.
  19. All of you are wrong cuz time crystals
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    "Many worlds" & "parallel universe" is a trigger

    You've just gone full circle to believing the earth is the center of the universe...

    Get over the fact there may be a reality where you do not exist

    You create all this theory where there is infinite worlds and parallel universe and that you exist in every single one

    Time does not exist like you think it does

    Have fun with this converter and time travel all you want