Regarding the Quetzal Hunt Rewards

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, May 10, 2014.

  1. What a waste, I used to love this game, its becoming a waste of my time. Your feather equipment is a joke, like a slap in the face. Why should we try in future promo's? Its like your ee wars, no sense trying anymore ideas. Just used the 50aqua u gave me to raise the crap helm from lev10 to lev11, failed 28 straight tries. Lol. Soon all but sh and lb will give up on kaw, its a sad sad time in kaw. Maybe fix PvP and fix ee wars bs before any crap promo's. You've killed mids in wars and now you've killed your promos that drop crap equip
  2. Thank you for listening to us and personally I would like equip that is better than ones dropped from ebs considering the amount of work put into this promo
  3. I believe the 90k banner should have spy stats raised to 1.5% to match the atk stats.

    Spy banners have already been an issue since the release of the atk ones, so to further alienate the spy community, giving us such pathetic stats on our first banner is an insult, especially seeing it as lower to our attack counterparts.

    As a L3 HFBC hansel I only receive 3.8m spy stats from this banner. This does nothing for anyone, especially since it is percentage based on remaining spies.

    All I ask is you make this banner 1.5% for all stats, for a better aesthetic appeal and simple fairness. Receiving a 7.6m stat bonus (at full bar) still won't make any more of an impact for spy builds compared to 1m or less bonus.
  4. Light bringer- but that's just the thing. I don't have a variety of nice equip or a stock pile of inferno  So it makes me fairly upset Lol
  5. No resets yet....thankfully just alot of fails
  6. Thank You devs
  7. All resets all failed!!! Devs are truly ran by APES!!!
  8. If possible devs could you reset the equips back to 10 that were reset to lower enchantments than 10 because you didn't lock the enchant to 10 or even code the equips and banner because you were lazy. This is literally pathetic, how do you want this game to survive if you cant even listen to your customers...
  9. Thanks for the increase in eq stats devs! Thats what I was disapointed in. The banner was cool even before u changed it in my opinion. But thanks for the increase of that too.  thank u again devs! Hope ya do some more hunts like this and do it for different slots. I'm hoping for a chest plate and or legs for the next one that would be better than the scorpion eq in stats
  10. Thanks for making the change to stats. 
  11. I have to agree with some of my peers. I just feel we are asking too much by this request since a lot was done for us today. However, it does make sense. For me ,today is a day to cheer and praise the devs, as its a day to be remembered! Showed us, that they really do care about our feedback! For now, I will just note some of my thoughts, just for the record. No stress though!

    The banner was announced as a "balanced banner". Since there is no spy banner yet, it makes sense for those of us who are not attack builds to ask for equality. Currently, there is an imbalance in stats for equipment between attack builds and spies for these banners.Goal should be to keep this banner fair for both classes, as we spies have yet to have a spy banner of our own.

    I will be surprised if the devs notice this and change it as they have everything else, but it would be another step for them to gain back the support of this community, since many have lost faith from the devs - however who knows! Devs are always watching lol. :p
  13. This is the type of developers I like to see. 100% impressed.
  14. Mage is rigged man^
  15. FantaSea yes the Mage is rigged, I am a stubborn man so I went back and give it another 30 or so try and no luck. All failure no reset however.

    Hopefully they fix EE wars soon at least those EQ don't fail or reset.
  16. You still have Unknown Kingdom Class for the kingdom class.

    Just make it say like Feather Hunter Class. It kinda bugs me :(