Regarding Future Combat and Gangs at War

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  1. 1 or 2 is what yoh meant. And yes about a year ago was the last bug fix update we had on gaw.
  2. I couldn't find Shady. :/

    Jk. I have him on speedial.

    In all seriousness though, it is good to have the closure provided by the October 15 Lights-Out Date, and I am sure there will be a large turnout of people online at that time, seeing the game we loved through til the end.

    Myself and many others have moved to KaW, and our reception by the KaWmunity has been truly amazing. So many people have been welcoming and friendly, willing to teach and help.

    So thanks for being so great about us basically moving in with you. We will try not to use all the hot water and will not to put the empty milk bottle back in the fridge.

    To the FCers, as you know, I'm just a pm away if you need help or have a question. 
  3. Here is a prediction that if you keep failing to deliver on your promises by further introducing more EBs and yet more artificial EEs with silly equipment over BFA then KAW will face further decline on numbers .
  4. Should we be worried about kingdoms at war? I hope not. I tell as many people I can about this app daily. . Soon this will be the #1 app in the world if it isen't by now. Out of all the apps I played kaw is #1 to me. Rarely ever crashes and plays perfect. Good job devs.
  5. I will help new players,what i can
  6. ...and this is the next game which they will shut down...
  7. The quickest way to get kaw to shut down would be to show interest in, and spend money on, their latest projects. Every $ spent on SMASH when it arrives is a potential $ ATA will Iose from the kaw balance sheet.

    They are a business though so it's all very understandable. I can't help but facepalm after reading every comment that acts as though ATA actually owe anyone anything.

    Personally I'll be gutted when kaw closes. I've tapped on this an ungodly number of times but im sure it'll end eventually.

    Finally a welcome to all the new players. Like many im also happy to help if anyone wants questions answering.
  8. If devs want this app to be number 1 they need to start advertising it.... I've never seen any ads for KaW before......
  9. Ata doesn't advertise for KaW. But I want them to lol 
  10. This goes to all you "end hte" or "stop buying gems" or "give 1 star ratings they will have to hear our demands then"
  11. :lol: whys everyone got to hate on ironmadden and balto :lol:
  12. They used to advertise on tap zoo 
  13. Close FC/GaW but keep PIMD? ;s
  14. Devs could cater for all time zones and get this game working before they advertise, just a thought!!!!
  15. @ Chop-Suey on page 4:

    Concentrate on KaW?! If you were a real player of FC or GAW, you'd know that they have received no updates for a couple years. They were games that had great potential and to be similar or KaW but unique in their own ways.

    It was the Devs who had not showed an interest in furthering the games that ultimately lead to its downfall. Sure there were numerous events in FC that helped it become dead, but w/o the Devs had limited potential.

    As a player of FC for over 2 years, I made many friends and it was a fun time while it lasted. Also, as Shady said, a few of them won't play KaW based on the fact that they never liked it in the first place.

    So a courteous FYI to those that are reading this post AND have NEVER played either FC nor GaW....please refrain from posting unless you actually know something worth posting.
  16. we will all get a nice shiny badge to go over to smash when they shut down KAW
  17. I think I should've gotten a vip code from gaw but I didn't
  18. ... Why play any athinkingape game? How long till meego shuts down? I'll give it a year or so.
  19. the main reason why ppl leaving FC, GAW is that there was no update for ages; I was in top 20 of GAW warriors and have to leave coz nothing new ..
    ... at least devs could use these games for testing their experiments .... like war system