Regarding Bomanator’s new ally LB postion

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Sarkhan, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. A strip of 190 trillion gold was executed by the WDGAF Alliance minutes ago. Bomanator was called to answer for his transgressions against the game’s general populace. For far too long we all have sat idle while Bom used his leaderboard status to hoard underpriced allies, bully smaller players, and be a menace to the blue collar players of KaW. Let this be an example to any player choosing to model their behavior after Bom. We are watching and take due notice of your actions. The ally market is free, and hoarding underpriced allies through taxing will not be tolerated. Should you choose to tax ally hires or build your BFA through bullying, we may be coming after you too.
    Best Wishes,
    WDGAF Alliance
  2. One step closer to a truly free ally market.️

  3. :mrgreen:
  4. I will say I've always got along with Bom but that is impressive
  5. Nice strip? Lmao!
  6. Damn thats a really nice strip, congratz guys!!
  7. Good job everyone.
  8. ️️ I love a free market no more hire hits for awhile
  9. Free allies market. 
  10. ༺༽༼WDGAF༽༼༻
    ཀཔཉᎠཇཉ ᎠཇབᎿ།ר  །༨རᏓᏓ 
    ༼ᏝེཡིᏕ྄Ꭲི ༼།༽ ᎡེནᏩོᎻེᎢᏕི༽
  11. ₩Ð₲₳Ƒ Family
  12. Mmm i think this must be the biggest strip ever done
  13. Good job guys!
  14. Keep going, 90% of the 1t+ allies are not for sale..."inquire" my ***
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.