Refugee crisis

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  1. Blame the USA for defeating Japan in W.W.II.
  2. Atomic bombs were invented for a reason.
  3. So was castration but obviously your parents didn't get it
  4. I wasn't serious. Aren't you thankful for that? I could easily argue that position. And no philosophy isn't always a good thing when used for nefarious purposes. Have a good one sir.

    Have a good day KaW.
  5. UNHCR still is looking for support. All help is welcome. You can find information anywhere, they also have a channel on a third party app that plays videos.
  6. Can't say the same for the bombs.
  7. Don't make me pull up the Quran passages that say otherwise.
  8. Quoting passages of the Quran is like quoting the bible to justify things easily done and not always accurate.
    You could also quote St Augustine or Rum showing whole other sides to the same passages
  9. It seems I have this argument everyday, but the Quran contains at least, by no stretch of the imagination, 100 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbeliever.
    Quite a few vividly describe cutting off heads, and to cut off fingers.

    But uh, yeah. Easily done. Not always accurate.
  10. Nonono Zeth, it can't be that.
    The guy said Muslims are peaceful. You can obviously trust a stranger on the internet.
    He's legit.
  11. :eek:

    You're right. How could I be so foolhardy?

    Also I just wasted my 4000th post arguing about Muslims.

    I'm going to go drink my life away now.
  12. So Zeth Castile the measure of your compassion is limited regarding certain faiths ?
  13. Quran is in Arabic but let's see what u got Zeth
  14. So you want Arabic verses or it isn't valid?
    Uh huh. Sounds like an easy way to claim I am wrong without being right yourself.
  15. quran is in a language no 'normal' person can understand.
  16. It is translated. But when you bring up a violent verse in English, people tend to say it was translated incorrectly.
  17. Well you'd not pick a debate on Confucius and not expect it to be in Chinese would you?
  18. & yes I'm not asking for trust
    I believe there is bad & good Muslim & there's good player bad player some people call em self players but they don't know a crap just like isis call em self Muslim & don't know a crap about it
  19. There's a hole in the boat that is the EU, this might of made it wide enough for the uk to sneak through.

    We can't afford more immigrants, we don't have enough houses, space, food or money, let alone the pressure it would put on already struggling hospitals, police fire and ambulance services.

    I feel sorry for them, yes. However I don't believe bringing in tens of thousands more to a country that is already struggling with the pressure on public services, would possibly in any way result in anything other than another catastrophic collapse of our economy.
  20. & yes U guys talking about media & only thing that it dose is Bering important info (bad) around the world but never seen good why is that ?? Media are main reason people are deferent from each other & yes Quran did Bering a line of (fighting) its keep god name (Allah) on the top & Fight who want to fight u never start a fight & always judge between fighters & see who's wrong & if the wrong side still wants to fight
    Then fight em all if u are fighting for the good