Refugee crisis

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  1. The refugee crisis

    After months of growing problems and a tragic number of deaths the world has noticed the millions of refugees scattered across the Middle East Eastern Europe and North Africa.

    They are peoples of several nations and many are fleeing the most horrendous conditions, they are running from hatred war death and destruction.

    The numbers of refugees are in the millions many are Syrians fleeing the civil war and rise is IS others fleeing the breakdown of Libya wars in Sudan and there are some trying to escape crushing poverty in countries like Gambia and Eritrea.

    Now the question is what's the response to this ? Are countries doing enough ? Europe is dividing over the issue some wanting to do more others avoiding doing the bare minimum. Some countries are pouring millions into aid in the region helping turkey and Lebanon with the nearly two million refugees they have already. Others despite pouring money and weapons into the wars aren't offering any help for the people displaced.
    Where does our morality and charity stop ? What's the acceptable levels of death before people think it's enough ?
    Should more be done to assist the people in the area or should they be helped to escape to new lives ? Is there a solution that isn't going to involve yet more small bodies on the waters edge ?
  2. Well, among those escaping will be terrorists and IS fighters in disguise. ISIS claim that they've sent ~4,000 gunmen into Europe disguised as refugees.
  4. Final solution: Put them on the train to germany.
  5. Sucks to be Europe
    *eagle screaming 'Merica in the background*
  6. 'Merica
  7. :lol:
  8. 4000 out of over a million that's a pretty small number.
  9. 4,000 trained fighters with guns could kill quite a few people.
  10. Which will make them even harder to find
  11. they can claim all they want
  12. So by the logic if Isis says they have some people mixed in with the refugees the hundreds of thousands of others just have to suffer and likely some die ?
  13. Yes
  14. Overpopulation is a problem anyway.
  15. I honestly don't know why this is all happening
  16. support
  17. You don't think that's just giving into them at best at worst you are making it easier for them to recruit ? You create hundreds of thousands of people with no hope for a better life and they won't turn to who ever will help them ? They look and see thousands of people dying due to the inaction of western powers who claim the morale high ground.
    Then some one comes along saying it's all a plan by the west to destroy your religion and if you'd come help us we will feed you help your family that's left and maybe let you hit back at the people who wouldn't help when you had nothing..
  18. Its very sad seeing people saying 'let them die' on a tap-tap game.

    I can take comfort from the fact that you are all morons.
  19. Let's be frank for a moment. There will be terrorist coming with them. Why not? This is the perfect cover for them to get into Europe and slay westerners. Take a look at France.

    Also, I believe everybody deserves help, but instead of having a mass exodus, how about putting some boots on the ground and fighting to give these people their homeland back?
  20. I'm not a moron. I'm quite intellectual.
    Your compassion blinds you to the reality behind this issue. Terrorists come with refugees, more people die, including refugees. A body count of millions suddenly jumps to a billion, because of your silly emotion.
    An exaggeration, sure, but my point is the same. Let these few die, and among 7 billion they certainly are just a few, or let many, many more die.