Refreshed Request for Resets

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by NiveousQueen, May 23, 2019.

  1. Please bring back resets. After learning the hard way what not to do with your build, it is nice to have that option. I'm leery of spending more money on an account that I'm already unsatisfied with and I know I'm not the only person still bothered by this.
  2. A reset wont help you. Just sell your buildings one at a time
  3. You’re also at a size where you can change ur build tremendously in the future. In a few months you will be able to rebuild lowlands highlands and maybe even hoarfrost with relative ease and little time. Don’t give up it’s only a minor set back
  4. There's also the matter of wanting to buy my old account as an alt but it's been volleyed to be extremely overpriced and it'll be a year before I can afford to. Plus, who wants to wait two months to accomplish what they could in two days with a reset?
  5. You can accomplish it in 2 days... Do you not understand the use of crestplates? Do pvp weekend, do ebs amd get event items and you'll get trader tokens. You can get a lot of HL and Ll crestplates from very very little tokens and completely change your build.
  6. >Convert all equipment to charms
    >Trade all Charms, Furniture, Rewards, and Chests to statless alt
    >Reset main
    >Trade back everything from statless alt to fresh main
  7. The buildings I have on Osmon are not so easily changed, and this doesn't solve my alt issue. Thanks for the reply though.

  8. I can't change accounts on my device so I can't create a 'statless alt', unfortunately. I mean, I could create one on a PC somewhere but it would do me no good as there's no way for me to exchange it with the one on my iPad.