Recruiting Masters Army

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Hero_D3athByD3ath, May 18, 2018.

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  1. Masters Army

    Masters Army is a clan founded by Hero_D3athByD3ath, We are a clan for players big or small, we welcome those who want to learn and thrive with those who want to teach. We don't give up when times become hard but instead try harder until the job is done.

    If the above states something you are doing read on,If it doesn't I would leave.


    We are currently doing unlocks from t1 - t2 if you want to join a clan where you can help others grow and grow yourself then join. We will regularly do HTE once unlocked and won't stop until it is.

    Admins / Admin Roles

    All admin roles will be different and will be important in different ways. I will also personally treat admins with respect and they will get some sort of reward every now and again

    Who to contact

    If you want to ask questions before joining be free to follow Hero_D3athByD3ath I will be glad to ask any questions

    Please don't ask important questions on here as I can't always be on the forums, If it isn't important and can wait feel free to post.

    Thank You

    Thank you for reading my thread and if you want to join go ahead and if you have any tips feel free to post them.
  2. Re: Recruiting The Hit_Squad

    I think there already is a hit squad 
  3. Re: Recruiting The Hit_Squad

    There can always be a new one:)
  4. Re: Recruiting The Hit_Squad

    He’s so tiny. I don’t think the hit squad will even notice...
  5. Re: Recruiting The Hit_Squad

    That's my plan :)
  6. Re: Recruiting The Hit_Squad

    So the plan is the leech of the name of another clan and at the same time be so small that you hope they won't notice?
  7. Re: Recruiting The Hit_Squad

    Better then the other hit squad.
  8. Re: Recruiting The Hit_Squad

    I'm not using their name to be noticed. I'm just making a clan. It won't affect them..
  9. There changed it
  10. Didn’t have to change it, the other HiT is irrelevant

  11. I did because they hit me 300+ times and tried clearing me lol. They were scared that a clan with one person would be bad for their clan
  12. That sums them up pretty well
  13. 
  14. Clan disbanded request lock
  15. Rip
  16. 
  17. Well at least you tried
  18. Locking per op request
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