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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by MarinaraOnMyMeatballs, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Send that to the devs in their email with the subject line "IM BC AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU MORE MONEY". you might, MIGHT get a response
  2. @Levi, if you've ever emailed support before, then you know you'll always get a response.

    It just will be at least the auto-reply initially, and then a customer support response that you might not have been looking for.
  3. Wont get a response regarding PMs on pc though, bet it

  5. only 10m for you grats takes me 30-45mlol but support
  6. Rip anyone on a laptop without a scroll wheel
  7. This seems like a rather easy fix, hell its a feature in every messaging app to ever exist
  8. Considering ATA came into the gaming sector as a chat would think they would work on some QoL.
  9. Not true.

    Problem is they don't care "bout ur fraaans". Tell whoever it is messaging you that you're on a PC and to wall you the private message.
  10. Tbh, sometimes I never find the message, :?.