Rebalance PvP

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  1. Idea: Rebalance PvP to make attacking other players a viable playstyle, to the extent that players can rely on open farms as much as EBs.

    There would be a number of benefits:
    1. This would increase the number of inter-clan interactions caused by farming.
    2. Players would need to rely on clan-mates for protection from farmers.
    3. Player-to-player connections would be stronger and clan hopping would be mitigated, since players would need to build strong connections with clanmates as a means to avoid farming.
    4. For the above reasons, player retention would be increased.

    This would also be easy to implement, since it only requires a change in plunder values. This would not be a new feature, but simply a balance change.
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  2. I personally disagree with needing to rely on clan mates for protection. I know it's a war game and wars aren't 1v1 but you still shouldn't need to rely on them. have them on board to defend and attack them, sure, but if you have to rely on them, pvp will die because not many people want to be perm farmed by a whole clan so they won't hit anyone at all
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